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71 local and international films will be in cinemas and on Doc Edge virtual cinema over 47 days.

The films are organised into seven categories as follow.  You can also filter film search and easily add them to Favourites (the heart icon).

Films that explore the multifaceted nature of identity, from the challenges of deep fake technology and the search for lost loved ones, to the complexities of intersex identity and the struggles of female filmmakers. Each film offers a unique perspective on the journey of self-discovery and the importance of embracing one’s true self in a world that often imposes societal norms and expectations.

Films that offer a gripping exploration of the darker side of human nature, uncovering secrets, unraveling mysteries, and delving into the complexities of crime and conspiracy. From espionage to human rights violations, from tragic events to high-stakes investigations, each film offers a unique perspective on the intricate and intriguing world of crime and conspiracy.

Films that celebrates the indomitable human spirit and shines a light on the struggles, triumphs, and sacrifices of those who fight against injustice, discrimination, and oppression. Through powerful storytelling and compelling performances, each film portrays the resilience, courage, and determination of individuals and communities who refuse to back down in the face of adversity, inspiring audiences with their unwavering fighting spirit.

A selection of captivating short films that are sure to inspire and engage audiences with their powerful storytelling. Featuring a mix of local New Zealand shorts and gems from around the world, this section celebrates the art of storytelling in its concise and impactful form. Get ready to be immersed in a world of captivating narratives, stunning visuals, and powerful performances.

Films that showcase the power of human actions to make a positive difference in our world. Through inspiring stories of regeneration farming, indigenous wisdom, historical preservation, environmental conservation, and wildlife protection, each film invites audiences to reflect on the impact of our choices and actions and inspires us to strive for a more sustainable and equitable future for our planet.

Films that showcase the transformative power of art in telling stories, inspiring change, and shaping our understanding of the world. Through the captivating journeys of artists, musicians, and performers who have defied norms, broken barriers, and left a lasting impact, each film celebrates the beauty and power of artistic expression as a force for inspiration and social change.

Thought-provoking films that provide a window into the lives and stories of people from diverse regions and cultures. Through their struggles, resilience, and triumphs, the films capture the human spirit’s indomitable nature and the power of storytelling to shed light on the richness and diversity of our world.

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