FIFO Pacific Double Features

/ 112 mins

FREE EVENT - A special presentation evening with FIFO in Christchurch presented by FIFO Director Laura Théron.

The International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival (FIFO), created in 2004, has become a regional event that opens a dialogue between the islands and territories of Oceania and an incomparable window on the region. The objective of this festival is to promote Oceania and make it visible through documentary films.

In the context of rapid globalisation, it aims to bring the voice of the peoples and cultures of Oceania beyond its shores and to make it heard on a broader media stage.

Finally, it aims to promote Oceanian cinema and filmmakers on the screens of the world. An annual meeting with the Pacific taking place in Tahiti. A must-see in our country, our region and far beyond our shores, our festival innovates, creates, and gathers year after year.

Doc Edge and FIFO continue to work together to support our Pacific filmmakers.


Paul Manate, Denis Pinson | 2023 | 52 min| French Polynesia

William Albert Robinson became famous in 1931 after a world tour of more than 3 years on a sailboat of only 10 meters long. In 2019, a research centre in his name was inaugurated in Tahiti where he fought to eradicate filariasis. Between these two dates, the film traces the extraordinary life of one of the last navigators of the 20th century. But the film also seeks to reveal the intimate truth of an elusive, complex, and fascinating man.


Stephen Dupont | 2023 | 60 min | Australia, PNG

Kaugere in Port Moresby, PNG. Rugby coach Albert Muri is no stranger to crime and the raskol gangs that tore his family apart. His eldest son was killed by the police and his second son is serving life in prison. Dia, his youngest son remains his last bea- con of hope helping him training the local rugby team, channeling criminal minds into sporting heroes. As Desmond is pardoned and gets out of prison, the question arises: what future is there in a settlement that more closely resembles a slum and where everyone lacks everything?

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Duration: 112 mins
Category: Special Presentation

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