Pitch 2023

Doc Edge Pitch is a documentary pitching forum for shorts, features and TV series. It is NZ’s only event dedicated to pitching documentary and factual projects before a panel of local and international decision-makers.

Finalists receive support through workshops on pitching presentations, and individually, coaching from mentors who will provide project-specific feedback and advice leading up to the final pitch date.


It brings us great joy to announce the first awards of this year’s pitch

  • CNEX’s CCDF14 Participation
    • Memory & Longing by Kim Webby
  • DOK Leipzig’s Accelerator Award
    • The Sound of Wind by Zhiying Deng and Nanhsi Yuen
    • Killing Brigitte Nielsen by Kylie Cushman

2023 Finalists

  1. Memory and Longing | Kim Webby, Director/Producer 
  2. Killing Brigitte Nielsen | Kylie Cushman, Creator 
  3. Isabella: A Woman Above Evelyn Ebrey, Director/Producer | Julia Parnell, Director/Producer 
  4. Start Down | Mayank Malik, Producer 
  5. Mary Jane | Susan Leonard, Writer/Director | Carmen Leonard, Producer/Executive Producer/ | Deb Cope, Executive producer 
  6. On The Road to Reincarnation | Kim Hegan, Producer/Writer  
  7. Taliban 2.0: A New Dawn Peter Day, Executive Producer 
  8. Dieman’ or ‘The Boy Who Lived’ | Jeremiah Taumiti, Director/Producer | Enjalas Jenkinson, Director/Cast | Vea Mafile’o, Lead Producer  
  9. Slashed Hunter Weeks, Director | Sarah Hall, Producer  
  10. Billy and the Kid Tony Sutorius, Director 
  1. Fair-Home Fairy-Tales | Sourav Sarangi, Director/Producer/Writer/Editor | Humaira Bilkis, Co-Producer [India]  
  2. Love Crimes | Elise Coker, Director | Michael Saul Garber, Producer [Taiwan]   
  3. In Search of the Morning Star | Pinky Choudhury, Director [India]  
  4. The Sound of Wind | Nanhsi Yuan, Director | Zhiying Deng, Producer [China]  
  5. Matriarch: In A Woman’s World Izzy Chan, Director/Producer |Noémie Hakim-Serfaty, Co-director/Editor [USA] 
  6. Untying the Knot | Chona Mangalindan, Director/Producer [Philippines] 
  7. Until the Buzzing Stops | Abd al Kader Habak, Director | Janay Boulos, Producer [UK] 
  8. Re-Inkarnation | Bobo Khuraijam, Director/Producer [India]  
  9. Wind and View | Sheng Hung Hsieh, Director | Yin-Yu Huang, Producer [Taiwan]  
  10. Harvest Moon | Rama Ayasra, Director | Asmahan Bkerat, Producer [Jordan] 
  11. Trona Emanuele Mengotti, Director | Kristian Van der Heyden, Producer [USA] 

Pitch Key Dates

27th February, 2023
Submission Deadline
27th February, 2023
31st March, 2023
Finalists Confirmation
31st March, 2023
April - May, 2023
April - May, 2023
1st June, 2023
Doc Edge Pitch 2023
1st June, 2023
“The opportunity to put myself in front of a panel of local decision makers at Doc Edge game me an opportunity ... and ultimately lead to helping secure NZ On Air funding to get the series made"
Magnolia Lowe

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