Doc Edge Pitch

Doc Edge Pitch is a documentary pitching forum for shorts, features and TV series. It is NZ’s only event dedicated to pitching documentary and factual projects before a panel of local and international decision-makers.

Finalists receive support through workshops on pitching presentations, and individually from mentors who provide project-specific feedback and advice.

Pitch it.  Get Feedback.  Receive Support.  Make It. 

Date-A-Doco 2019 during the Doc Edge Forum
Date-A-Doco 2019 during the Doc Edge Forum

“The opportunity to put myself in front of a panel of local decision makers at Doc Edge gave me an opportunity… and ultimately lead to helping secure NZ On Air funding to get the series made.”

Magnolia Lowe

The 2022 Doc Edge Pitch Finalists

New Zealand Projects
  1. Drag Kings | Gal Hochman, Director | Madison Smith, Producer
  2. A Place Called Home | Francine Zuckerman, Director/Producer | Alex Reed, Producer
  3. Rewired | Hayley Thom, Director
  4. Heavenly Soldiers | Elina Osborne, Director
  5. Sweet As, Cuz | Peter Day, Director/Producer
  6. Guardians of the River | Lachlan McLeod & Veialu Aila Unsworth, Co-directors | Kerry Warkia & David Elliot-Jones, Producers
  7. Iggy In Love | Thomas Burstyn, Director | Alex Yoke Sun Lee, Mark Johnston & Amanda Handy, Co-producers
International Projects
  1. Singing for Silence | Xingxing Zhang, Director | Jia Zhao, Producer | China
  2. Nothing Called Home | Arkus Arkus, Director | Gargi Chakrabarti, Producer | United Arab Emirates
  3. Building With A Conscious Mind | Islahuddin Asharf & Tonmoy Das, Directors | India
  4. Devi | Subina Shrestha, Director | Rosie Garthwait, Producer | United Kingdom
  5. Concrete Land – Kayan | Ashmahan Bkerat, Director/Producer | Sahar Yousefi, Producer | Jordan
  6. Fortitude | Torsten Hoffmann, Director/Producer | Chris Kamen, Producer |United Kingdom
  7. Land Of Despise | Mezanur Rahman, Director | Bangladesh
  8. Catching Them Young | Pankaj Johar, Director | Hans Robert Eisenhauer, Producer | India, Germany
  9. My Brother’s Children | Milivoj Puhlovski, Director | Mirta Puhlovski, Producer | Croatia
  10. Where Is Home? | Lamtiar Simorangkir, Director/Producer | Indonesia
  11. Searching Roots: An Artist’s Tale | Rafiqul Anowar, Director/Producer | Bangladesh
  12. Vrindavan: City of Widows | Vikram Dasgupta, Director | Marilyn McFadyen & Alex Yoke Sun Lee, Producers | New Zealand, Canada
  13. Anonymous | Anonymous | India