Doc Edge Pitch is a competitive pitching event for film and series projects. The programme accepts entries from NZ and international projects.

Finalists receive support as a group in workshops on pitch presentation, and individually from mentors who provide project-specific feedback and advice.

Finalists present to a panel of local and international judges, and take one-to-one meetings at our speed-meeting event, Date-A-Doco, which puts them in front of local and international commissioners, distributors, executive producers, festival directors and programmers, and sales agents.

Doc Edge Pitch will open submissions for 2022 in October.

Congratulations to the winners at Doc Edge Pitch 2021. They are…

Best Pitch – International
Women’s World
presented by Luka Yuanyuan and Louie Wang-Holborn

Best Pitch – NZ
presented by Paul Wolffram and ShuRun Yap

AIDC Prize
Off the Rails
presented by Peter Day

Dhaka DocLab Prize
Off the Rails
presented by Peter Day

Operation Rambu!
presented by Morgan Leigh Stewart, Rajneel Singh and Steve Austin

Ratman and the Whales
presented by Kim Webby

Richard and the Windmill
presented by Pete Ireland

presented by Paul Wolffram and ShuRun Yap




Prizes awarded at Doc Pitch 2021 include:

To the winners of Best Pitch:
Presented by DOK Leipzig:
Two prizes, one for a NZ project, one for an international project, of accreditation and observer access for two people to the DOK Co-Pro Market.
Presented by Park Road Post:
Two prizes, one for a NZ project, one for an international project, of post-production services: each prize to the value of $5000.
Presented by The Sound Room:
Two prizes, one for a NZ project, one for an international project, of composition and recording services: each prize to the value of $2000.
Presented by the New Zealand Film Commission:
One prize, for a NZ project, of travel assistance to attend IDFA.

To the winner of the AIDC prize:
One prize of: 2 x all-access passes for one project to attend AIDC (physical attendance or online),
1 x fee waiver to submit to The FACTory,
4 x nights accommodation twin share in Melbourne.

To the selections for Dhaka DocLab:
Selection to and full participation in Dhaka DocLab’s Asia-Pacific line-up.



The following projects were selected for Doc Edge Pitch 2021. Congratulations to the teams.

Afloat, submitted by Arkus
After Trauma, submitted by David Elliott Jones
An Insignia of a Forced Winter, submitted by Ajimesh Saha
Being Chloe, submitted by Mark McNeill
Driving into the Storm, submitted by Shan-Shan Liu
Fathers & Sons, submitted by Rich Humphreys
Freedive, submitted by Joseph McAlpine
Girls Girls Girls, submitted by Lilian Sumner
Iggy in Love, submitted by Tom Burstyn
I of the Water, submitted by Kimberlee Bassford
Munni, submitted by Tahrima Khan
Off the Rails, submitted by Peter Day
Operation Rambu, submitted by Morgan Leigh Stewart
Ratman and the Whales, submitted by Kim Webby
Richard and the Windmill, submitted by Peter Ireland
Sanguma, submitted by Paul Wolffram
Seasick, submitted by Simon Mark Brown
Shoe City, submitted by Jim Marbrook
Siouxsie & The Virus, submitted by Gwen Isaac
Sweet Summer Tangelos, submitted by Ke-liang Li
The Black Hand, submitted by Adam Grossetti
The Climate Canary, submitted by Vanessa Wells
Women’s World, submitted by Louie Wang-Holborn

Pitch preparation workshops for finalists ran on Saturdays 13 March, 27 March and Saturday 10 April. Doc Edge Pitch Finals ran live and online on Wednesday 21 April (for finalists in NZ) and online on Thursday 22 April (for all finalists not in NZ). Date-A-Doco ran online on Friday 23 April.


2020 – (International) Yihwen Chen and Catherine Chan | Shh…Diam
(NZ) Abigail Egden and Gemma Knight | 2D Love
2019 – Tess Hutson & Jane Robertson | A Place to Stand
2018 – Francis Baker | Bombs
2017 – (film) Jack Nicol | No. 1 Stand
(series) Jazz Thornton | Jessica’s Tree
2016 – J.Ollie Lucks & Julia Parnell | Wilbur Force
2015 – Robyn Paterson | In Zone
2014 – David Farrier | Tickled
2013 – Pietra Brettkelly | A Flickering Truth

Other successful Doc Edge Pitch projects include: For My Father’s Kingdom; High School; The Kiwi, The Knight and The Qashqai; Jessica’s Tree; The Topp Twins:Untouchable Girls; Hip Hop-eration; Relocating Mountains; Loving in Limbo; The Price of Peace; An Accidental Berliner; Walk with Me; Te Hono Ki Aotearoa:The Waka for Peace; Brother No. 1; Pictures of Susan; There Once was an Island; Lost in Wonderland; Druglawed.


Date-A-Doco 2019 during the Doc Edge Forum
Date-A-Doco 2019 during the Doc Edge Forum

A perennial favourite, Date-a-Doco is a series of fast-paced, speed-dating-type meetings between decision makers, pitching finalists and selected filmmakers. This is a great way to make personal connections and obtain project-specific advice.

All submitters to Doc Edge Pitch gain access to meetings with decision makers during Date-A-Doco.

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