Resilient Man

20 Days in Mariupol

Seasoned war journalist and first-time feature director Chernov uses his personal footage and daily dispatches for The Associated Press to offer a vivid and harrowing account of the siege of Mariupol. Through his lens, we see the toll of war on civilians, the horrors of dying children, mass graves, and the bombing of a maternity […]

Habana Shakes

Director Massiet du Biest’s debut feature explores the life and art of celebrated New Zealand painter Frances Hodgkins. Spending much of her life and career in Europe, Hodgkins was a modernist painter whose work continues to inspire contemporary New Zealand artists. The film retraces Hodgkins’ footsteps, taking viewers to the places she lived and worked, […]

Dancing on the Edge of the Volcano


As the polar ice cap melts, reaching the North Pole has become increasingly dangerous. Yet an unlikely expedition of women – including a mirthful Muslim chaplain, a shy French scientist, a defiant Qatari princess, and 8 others – have set an audacious goal of skiing to the pole. The film follows the team as they […]

Ice Maiden

In the Shadow of Beirut

Kelly and Keane’s cinematic and powerful film captures the stark reality of life in Beirut’s Sabra and Shatila neighbourhoods. The film follows four families over 4 years and depicts the harsh rituals of their daily lives as they struggle for survival in a city and country on the brink of financial collapse. Through extraordinary access, […]

Life is Beautiful

This is Not A Ceremony

. Ahnahktsipiitaa / NFB / VR / Canada / 21 min The oral tradition popularised by Canada’s First Nations community is brought to the screen in Ahnahktsipiitaa’s astonishing new cinematic VR experience. A community that has traditionally been silenced is allowed to let loose in an interactive film that brings all viewers closer to understanding […]

Mourning in Lod

The Luminous

The Luminous is an ongoing VR series unpacking the fundamental connections between Science and Spirituality.Utilizing the mystic powers of VR The Luminous;will not only hack into these topics but also promote ongoing* positive psychological change and transformation.The Luminous series is grounded in scientific and philosophical research – driven by academic essays and scriptures on Consciousness, […]

Racing Mister Fahrenheit

Missing 10 Hours

Fanni Fazakas / RUMEXR / Hungary / VR / 18 min The Director Fanni Fazakas is currently Te Herenga Waka – Senior Lecturer at MDT – Master of Design Technology Missing 10 Hours is the winner of the XR Impact Award 2023 – Best International Experience. This XR experience takes aim at the infamous bystander […]

The Great White Whale

Munich 72

Matthias Leitner, Eva Deinert / Germany / VR30 min Munich 72 – @docedge – World Tour 2Wednesday 7th of June8.00 o`clock am MEZ – 18.00 o`clock pm Wellington/Auckland About this event  MUNICH 72The 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. The games were supposed to be cheerful. But on the 11th day, Palestinian terrorists take members of […]

Pistachio Wars

No Place But Here

Dylan Valley, Anne Nisenson / Electric South South Africa / VR / 15 min In early 2017, the South Africa-based Reclaim the City movement occupied the Woodstock building, which had previously served as a hospital. This act served as a symbolic protest against growing wealth inequality and gentrification in the area. This documentary places the viewer […]

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