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An online platform offering curated documentaries and accompanying education kits to inspire and educate students, enhancing their learning experiences.

Welcome to the Virtual Classroom, your year-round destination for curated documentaries that inspire, educate, and explore. We firmly believe that students throughout Aotearoa can greatly benefit from having access to outstanding documentaries as an integral part of their curriculum. That’s why, starting in 2020, we extended our reach to offer nationwide online screenings, ensuring that all schools and tertiary organisations across Aotearoa could enjoy these valuable resources.

Our collection comprises an array of incredible films, meticulously curated to cater to the needs of educators. These films serve as a powerful supplement to lesson plans, enabling educators to enhance their teaching with engaging visual content. With the Virtual Classroom Subscription, educators gain the freedom to select films that closely align with the New Zealand curriculum, thereby enriching their students’ learning experiences.

In addition to the vast selection of films, we provide comprehensive education kits that accompany each documentary. These kits are designed to assist educators in seamlessly integrating the films into their lessons, offering a range of supplementary materials and resources. By utilising these education kits, educators can ensure that their students derive maximum benefit from the documentaries, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects explored.

Join us in the Virtual Classroom and unlock a world of captivating documentaries that will captivate and enlighten your students. In Term 3, we are excited to offer access to the 2023 festival films, which were originally screened exclusively for schools in Auckland and Wellington, as part of our Doc Edge Schools experience.

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