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This year, the Immersive Exhibition is part of Life Unscripted by Doc Edge Festival that will take place in Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington from 19 June to 14 July 2024. 

The Exhibition is kindly supported by NZ Major Events Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment, ChristchurchNZ, Rei Foundation Limited, Streamliner and University of Canterbury. 

From XR Exhibition to Immersive Exhibition

What was previously known as the Extended Reality (XR) Exhibition in our previous festivals, has developed into being more than just about new technology and documentary storytelling.  It has grown to include all forms of storytelling that sits outside of the traditional Documentary Film format. From XR (VR, AR and MR) to spatial audio or audio installation work, online digital storytelling using websites, games or performance through a range of mediums and technologies. 

The Doc Edge Immersive Exhibition will feature three new categories:  Digital Storytelling, Immersive Non-Fiction and Urban Activations showcasing new forms of storytelling through a range of technology and medium.   

Key Venues or Activation Spaces

Christchurch  |  19 – 30 June 

What will be unique is that the festival will showcase interactive and immersive public activations on large scape projectors, AR projects and engaging performances and installations across the city.  The key activation spaces are 

      • Transformative Immersion Space | Victoria Room, Town Hall – featuring three centrepieces projects that we are excited about but can’t mention here. Please ask us, and we will share in confidence. 
      • Transformative Worlds Exhibition Hub | 231 High Street Tech Hub – VR/AR and mixed reality installations of NZ world premieres and international award-winning work. 
      • Digital Storytelling Exhibition | Tūranga Library – a family-friendly selection of educational storytelling focused on cultural storytelling and impact topics. 
      • XR Marketplace | University of Canterbury Digital Screen Campus – talks, masterclasses, workshops and pitch presentations of pilots, prototypes, and industry demonstrations.

Auckland & Wellington  |  3 – 14 July 

The Exhibition will showcase best of and award winners at Auckland Central Library and Wellington Te Auaha Gallery. 


Immersive Non-Fiction
Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Ukraine, USA

An immersive visual experience that uses cutting-edge 3D scanning to place viewers face-to-face with the war devastation in Ukraine. The not-for-profit art project follows captures of Banksy’s artwork left on the rubble of people’s homes, schools, and infrastructure. Viewers can experience these powerful images, which tackle warfare and destruction while also finding hope and determination in those caught up in the maelstrom of conflict.

64 Ways of Being

Immersive Non-Fiction
Troy Innocent
New Zealand, Ecuador

An urban art experience that brings Ōtautahi Christchurch's lanes, streets, parks, and river to life via audio stories and augmented reality to create a conversation with the city about its past, present, and future. Players are guided along the banks of the Ōtākaro Avon and through the labyrinth of the city. Along the way, players are prompted to reimagine the world through urban play.

The Eye and I

Immersive Non-Fiction
Jean-Michel Jarre with co-creator, Hsin-Chien Huang
France, Taiwan

An immersive work that invites you on a journey through the evolution of surveillance, from religious supervision to today's digital omnipresence and control. Through 12 cells set in a panopticon, visitors explore the influence of surveillance in art, family, politics, social organization, and technology.

Calling Local Digital Storytellers

As the Exhibition grows into urban activations and impact storytelling, we are looking for local storytellers who are challenging the traditional forms of non-fiction storytelling or working with performance and technology. The exhibition offers: 

  • An engaging public exhibition showcasing the future of storytelling, designed to captivate and excite audiences.
  • Networking events tailored for the public, practitioners, and industry professionals to connect and collaborate.
  • Awards recognising excellence in various categories, including Best Impact Projects, Best Digital Storytelling, and Best Immersive Non-Fiction. 

If you are interested learning more or contributing to the Immersive Exhibition please get in touch by contacting  

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