Impact Stories

/ 2024
/ 240 mins
4-13 Jul

** The exhibition will run from 4-13 July at Te Auaha Gallery and the opening hours are 

8.30 am – 6 pm (weekdays)
10 am – 3 pm (Saturdays)

VR experiences are part of the exhibition and will be hosted by a gallery coordinator available from

12 pm - 4 pm (weekdays)
10 am - 3 pm on (Saturdays)


A selection of local Digital Storytelling and Immersive Non-Fiction work from the Immersive Exhibition. Join us to celebrate and experience local Wellington Impact Storytelling. Featuring seven local Immersive Projects

Wiremu Grace | 2024 VR Game | New Zealand

Atuatanga is an immersive experience like no other. Virtual reality guides you deep into a Māori world view, showing future destruction if we don’t act now. Using cutting edge technology from Meta Quest and the Unreal Engine, Atuatanga lets you see, hear and feel the journey of the Atua.

Beyond the Thread
Henry MacKenzie | 2024 | Mixed Interactive | New Zealand

Beyond the Thread is an interactive immersive experience. The protagonist embarks on a thrilling journey in VR, transcending time to unravel the secrets of humanity through encounters with characters powered by AI.

Knowledge Flows
Johnson Witehira |2022 | Mixed Immersive | New Zealand

He pīriti mai i te Ao Matihiko ki Te Ao Māori. In the project The Spaces Between us, 2022, Toronto, a global indigenous-led project explores how digital and new media art, created through innovative workshops and symposia, might create new paradigms for indigenous community engagement. Experience new adaptions of some of these digital artworks through pop up projector activations.

Laura Emel Yilmaz | 2024 | Mixed Interactive | New Zealand

A touch-based interactive video/art/game, a meditation on motherhood as an encounter between Self and Other through the image of the mother-as-mirror. This project phase is a vertical slice, one of three total vignettes. 

Pacific Dance NZ MOANA
Ed Davis, Iosefa Enari | 2024 |VR Film | Aotearoa NZ (PP4)

Pacific Dance NZ presents two worldviews of Pacific culture in Aotearoa through dance and camera. Captured by cinematographer Ed Davis and director Iosefa Enari
1) Tala Tu'upua explores the relevance of Tongan mythology in Aotearoa. Choreographed by Losaline Tupou
2) Unheard Of is a solo work by NZ born Samoan contemporary dancer Laifa James Ta'ala and shot in a single take.

And, an international exhibition of Cartoon Artwork, and VR project,

Draw for Change: We Exist, We Resist
Mariana Cadenas Sangronis | VR Interactive| Belgium
Enter the vibrant world of Maremoto, a young Mexican cartoonist who, through her drawings, empowers women and addresses the taboos of her society.
Visit Maremoto’s studio, join her on an afternoon of making street art and experience what it feels like to move as a woman through a metropolis in Mexico, a country where 10 women are murdered every day and tens of thousands go missing.

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Exhibition Info

Year: 2024
Duration: 240 mins
Category: Digital Storytelling

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