Guests 2022

After the last two years of lockdowns and virtual meet-ups, with international borders opening across the world, people are re-connecting.  Doc Edge Festival is no exception, our guests, both here in Aotearoa New Zealand and from other parts of the world are keen to get into the same space, to connect, share and laugh.  We thank everyone who attended Doc Edge this year either in person or virtually.

Decision Makers

Angela Mann_400x400

Angela Mann
Executive Producer
Factual (ANZ) Discovery Inc

Arran Birchenough_300x300

Arran Birchenough
Director of Sales
Getty Images

Droandi Martina

Droandi Martina
Sales & Acquisitions
Autlook Filmsales

Emile Guertin

Emile Guertin
Senior Producer
Al Jazeera Media Network


Fergus Grady
Acquisitions Manager
Limelight Distribution


Hedva Goldschmidt
Managing Director/Distributor

James Brookes_300x300

James Brooke
Company Director
Department of Post

Jane Mote_400x400

Jane Mote
Consultant Editor
The Whickers

Jill McNabb_300x300

Jill McNabb
Head Sales &  Marketing
Vendetta Films

Kath Akuhuta Brow_300x300

Kath Akuhuta-Brown
Māori Television

Lauren Valmadre_400x400

Lauren Valmadre
Head of Industry, AIDC

Lucie Kon_300x300

Lucie Kon
Commissioning Editor

Luke Murray_300x300

Luke Murray
Theatrical Manager
Madman Entertainment NZ

Maelle Guengues_300x300

Maëlle Guengues
Cat & Docs

Malinda Wink_300x300

Malinda Wink
Global Director
Good Pitch

Mareva Leu Festival Director Festival International du Film documentaire Océanien

Mareva Leu
Festival Director
Festival International du Film documentaire Océanien

Mita Suri_300x300

Mita Suri
Programme Producer
Sheffield Doc Fest

Natasha Gadd

Natasha Gadd

Oliver Leroy_400x400

Oliver Leroy
Investment Executive
NZ Film Commission

Ravi Bajbai_400x400

Ravi Bajbai
South China Morning Post

Sue Woodfield_400x400

Sue Woodfield
Chief Content Officer
NHNZ Worldwide

Summer Wharekawa_400x400

Summer Wharekawa
Local Content Manager, Commissioner
Māori & Pasifika at TVNZ

Sunah Kim_400x400

Sunah Kim
Head of Industry
DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

Syed Imran Hussain Kirmany_300x300

Syed Imran Hussain Kirmany
Dhaka DocLab

Tareq Ahmed_400x400

Tareq Ahmed
Dhaka DocLab

Thomas Robins_300x300

Thomas Robins
Producer, Director
Sky Originals

Yoko Imai_400x400

Yoko Imai
Executive Producer
NHK Enterprises


Alex West_300x300

Alex West
Head of Documentary
Screen Australia

Amit Madheshiya _400x300

Amit Madheshiya

Arash Tayebi_400x400

Arash Tayebi
CEO, Kara Technologies Ltd

Cameron Harland_400x400

Cameron Harland
Chief Executive
NZ On Air

Corinne van Egeraat_400x400

Corinne van Egeraat

Dale Corlett_400x400

Dale Corlett
Head Talent Development
NZ Film Commission

Dame Gaylene Preston_400x400

Dame Gaylene Preston
Doc Edge Superhero

Richard Harris_400x400

Richard Harris
Executive Producer
Minderoo Pictures

Faisal Zahid_400x400

Faisal Zahid
Emerging Tech Consultant

Gabo Arora_400x400

Gabo Arora
Founder and Creative Director,

Karen Te O Kahurangi Waaka-Tibble_400x400

Karen Te O Kahurangi Waaka-Tibble
Pou Whakahaere
NZ Film Commission

Karl Malakunas_400x400

Karl Malakunas


Kate Stevenson & Chris White

Kath Akuhuta Brow_300x300

Kath Akuhuta-Brown
Māori Television

Kathryn Ariana Graham_400x400

Kathryn Ariana Graham
NZ Film Commission

Lanita Ririnui_400x400

Lanita Ririnui
Executive Director
Ngā Aho Whakaari

Kura Turuwhenua_300x300

Kura Turuwhenua

Leanne Saunders_400x400

Leanne Saunders
Head of Development & Production
NZ Film Commission

Magnus Gertte_400x400

Magnus Gertten

Manukaroa Anderson_300x300

Manukaroa Anderson
Māori Television

Maya Daisy Hawken_400x400

Maya Daisy Hawke

Meg Smaker Director

Meg Smaker

Paul Sutorius_300x300

Paul Sutorius

Raqi Syed_400x400

Raqi Syed
Program Director
Victoria University of Wellington

Richard Falla_400x400

Richard Falla
Senior 3D Animator
Kara Technologies

Rob Vickery_400x400

Rob Vickery
Founder, Hillfarrance Venture Capital

Ruby Yang_400x400

Ruby Yang
Oscar winning Director

Shirley Abraham_400x400

Shirley Abraham

Taane Mete_300x300

Taane Mete
Wellness Trainer

Industry Guests

Anusha Duray_300x300

Anusha Duray

Gerben Cath_300x300

Gerben Cath
South Seas Film School

Hollie Fifer_400x400

Hollie Fifer
Doc Society

Jan Rofekamp_400x400

Jan Rofekamp
Films Transit

Margot Francis_400x400

Margot Francis

Sacha Handsaker_300x300

Sacha Handsaker
Documentary Tutor
South Seas Film School

Spencer Stone_300x300

Spencer Stone 
Development & Series Producer
Greenstone TV

Tash Christie_300x300

Tash Christie
Head of Factual & Executive Producer
Greenstone TV