Become a volunteer, partner or advertiser and help us celebrate documentary in Aotearoa.

How you can support us

We are looking for enthusiastic and dynamic volunteers to join this year’s Doc Edge Festival.

To register your interest, please write to volunteers@docedge.nz or call us at +64 9 360 0329. 

Please tell us:

  • your background and skills, and
  • your contact details.


To create a vibrant and successful festival and other events, we rely on the goodwill, generosity and commitment of private and public sector partners, who donate cash, goods and/or in-kind services to the festival.

In return, we offer our partners the opportunity:

  • to introduce their corporate services and products to our audiences and to brand particular products or activities at Doc Edge;
  • to enhance corporate recognition;
  • to have privileged access to industry trends and market intelligence;
  • to support talented documentary filmmakers at all levels of their careers;
  • to contribute to the ongoing health and development of the documentary industry;
  • to contribute to an event that enhances New Zealand’s cultural vibrancy; and
  • to support the presentation of dynamic, thought-provoking films which offer unique perspectives on the world around us.

There are a variety of partnership opportunities with the Documentary New Zealand Trust. We would be pleased to explore a partnership with you.

Email Kristen, our Marketing Manager, or call +64 9 360 0329 for more information.

Doc Edge offers print and on-screen advertising opportunities during the annual Doc Edge Festival. This is a great way to extend your brand reach.

Download this year’s advertising rate card here.

Email Kristen, our Marketing Manager, or call +64 9 360 0329 for more information.