New Zealand Projects

/ 60 mins
26-30 Jun

Experience seven New Zealand Immersive Non-Fiction World Premieres

Beyond the Thread
Henry MacKenzie | 2024 | Mixed Interactive |  New Zealand
An interactive immersive experience where the protagonist embarks on a thrilling journey in virtual reality, transcending time to unravel the secrets of humanity through encounters with characters powered by AI.

Deja VR
Ed Davis | 2024 | VR Interactive | New Zealand
A series of cinematic room-scale virtual reality scenes play out and begin to loop until the viewer finds the sweet spot that will advance the narrative.

Lane 25
Shivani Karan | 2024 | Mixed Interactive | New Zealand
The project is based on a location in the Fiji Islands which holds secrets from a haunting past. This virtual reality experience, combined with an augmented reality installation, offers an artistic interpretation of oral tales and folklore passed down through generations.

LBC Holopresence
Ed Davis | 2024 | Mixed Immersive | New Zealand
Live three-piece guitars-ambisonics fed into room-scale brutalist virtual reality architecture as live holograms. The experience combines live performance with a virtual reality environment.

Laura Emel Yilmaz | 2024 | Mixed Interactive | New Zealand
A touch-based interactive video/art/game, a meditation on motherhood as an encounter between Self and Other through the image of the mother-as-mirror. This phase of the project is a vertical slice, one of three total vignettes.

Ellie Adams | 2024 |  VR Interactive |  New Zealand
The project introduces us to Maggie, a woman in her mid-60s, navigating the challenging terrain of dementia in a retirement village. Isolated in her new, unfamiliar environment, she spends her days in front of an old TV set, occasionally visited by her granddaughter, Maia.

Becca Weber, Joanna Cook, Danielle Lottridge | 2024 | Mixed Interactive | New Zealand
The work utilises avatars and custom-built audiovisual effects to emphasise embodied attention, presented through a 360 virtual reality video and an immersive participatory installation. Vector 360 is a six-minute virtual reality film offering viewers an 'inside out' perspective on dance creation, challenging traditional viewing habits. Accompanying the film is Vector: Interact, an installation encouraging participation through real-time responsive technology. Here, participants create their own choreography, guided by embodied awareness, and observe the digital effects they generate on a projected screen. 

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New Zealand Projects

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Duration: 60 mins
Category: Immersive Non-Fiction

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