Community Impact

/ 120 mins
24, 26, 28 Jun

Join Doc Edge for a tour of 5 Community Impact Stories through the Library
Demi Schanzel | 2023 | MMO | Game New Zealand
Best enjoyed after a long day away, the project is a small social world designed around kinder forms of online conversation and connection. Wander around a gentle pastoral island, strike up small conversations with other passing players, and even toss out small letters into the wide open blue oceans of the internet.

Gina Thorstensen | 2023 | VR Game | Norway
Immerse yourself in an interactive experience that delves into the intricate world of coral's synchronised reproduction resonates with the poignant worries of a solitary shrimp contemplating the uncertain future of its habitat.

Line Rider 
Simon Intihar | 2023 | 25 | Slovenia
Try the fan-made VR game version of the classic game Line Rider. It was originally created in September 2006 by Boštjan Čadež, a Slovenian student. Soon after its initial appearance on DeviantArt, the game became an internet phenomenon.

Natalies Trifecta
Natalie Paneng |2023 | VR Interactive | South Africa
This interactive piece transports the viewer through the different worlds of the multi-disciplinary artist, Natalie Paneng, as they explore her physical studio, virtual gallery and digital dreamscape to experience the whole trifecta.

Night Creatures
Isobel Knowles, Van Sowerwine | 2023 | AR Interactive | Australia
The project is an augmented reality experience celebrating the energy, connection, and intimacy of the film festival queue via animated cinema-goers who take the form of fruit bats. Eight well-dressed stop-motion puppets talk to you about their cinema favourites.

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Community Impact

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Duration: 120 mins
Category: Digital Storytelling

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