The Man I Left Behind

Hubert Hayaud, Matthieu Rytz, Larry Towell
/ Canada
/ 2024
/ 83 mins
/ Arabic, English, Spanish, Ukrainian
International Premiere

The power of bearing witness. 

Larry Towell's business card reads: 'Human Being'. And for the past 40 years, the 
celebrated Magnum photographer has chronicled humankind's deepest struggles. The Canadian artist and folk musician reflects on his relentless pursuit of stories shaped by conflict and displacement. He pulls from a vast archive of photos, videos, songs, and poetry to contrast the turmoil of conflicts over territory with the serenity of his own family farm. The film poignantly explores how losing land can mean losing self and is a testament to the power of bearing witness. Ultimately, it portrays the profound absurdity of war. 

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Film Info

Director: Hubert Hayaud, Matthieu Rytz, Larry Towell
Producer: Matthieu Rytz
Country: Canada
Language: Arabic, English, Spanish, Ukrainian
Year: 2024
Duration: 83 mins
Category: In Truth We Trust

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