Citizen Sleuth

Chris Kasick
/ United States
/ 2023
/ 82 mins
/ English
New Zealand Premiere

Hunt for truth tests moral boundaries.
The film follows Emily Nestor and her Mile Marker 181 podcast, as she conducts an amateur investigation into the death of Jaleayah Davis. It examines the ethics of the true crime genre through Emily's pursuits of her top suspectsWith a growing audience of millions, the podcast becomes a hit, but as she probes deeper into the case, she's confronted with a new truth she struggles to tell her listeners. Told in real time over several years, the film chronicles the rise, fall and redemption of a podcaster in the new media language. 

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Film Info

Director: Chris Kasick
Producer: Chris Kasick, Drew Sykes, Fabiola Muñoz Washburn, Jared Washburn, Tyler Davidson
Country: United States
Language: English
Year: 2023
Duration: 82 mins
Category: In Truth We Trust

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