The Click Trap

Peter Porta
/ Spain
/ 2024
/ 90 mins
/ English, French
Asia Pacific Premiere

Is it time to regulate online advertising? 

The film exposes the alarming truths behind the digital advertising economy, worth hundreds of billions of dollars, showing the far-reaching impact it’s having on our lives, both on and offline. New advertising technology, monopolised by big tech companies, has turned hate and mis- and disinformation into a profitable business opportunity, which cyber scammers worldwide are also exploiting. 

By revealing how this complex industry works, who controls it and who is choosing to fight back, the film questions whether a safer, fairer and more transparent digital ad business is possible in the future. 

Film Trailer

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Film Info

Director: Peter Porta
Producer: Carles Brugueras, Fabrice Estève, Marieke Van Den Bersselaar
Country: Spain
Language: English, French
Year: 2024
Duration: 90 mins
Category: Democracy on the Edge

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