Habana Shakes

Marcelle Lunam
/ Australia, New Zealand
/ 2024
/ 70 mins
/ Spanish
International Premiere

A unique and intimate portrait of young Cuba. 

The film takes us on a rhythm-filled odyssey spanning ten vibrant days in Havana, a pulsating island city teetering on the edge of transformation. Infused with a lyrical heart, this is not just an homage to Cuba's spirited culture but also provides an intimate window into the dynamic worlds of Cuban youth.   
Through the eyes of a skater, a tattoo artist, an actor, a ballerina and an electronica DJ, we find ourselves asking: What aspirations do these young Cubans hold for their nation and future, and how might these differ from or echo the dreams and hopes of their parent’s generation? 

**Screening with the following short film**

They Call me Wazza 
Jonathan Smit | 2024 | 9 min | New Zealand 
World Premiere 

The film intimately captures the remarkable journey of Warren Hawke, the lovable 70-year-old surf photographer from New Zealand as he battles with health, cameras and an obsession with surf. 

Film Trailer

with director Marcelle Lunam and producer Tamara Popper of Habana Shake following the screening on
* 30 June, 7:45 pm, at Lumiere Cinemas
also with director Jonathan Smit of the short film, They Call Me Wazza on
* 29 June, 5:45 pm, at Alice Cinemas
* 30 June, 7:45 pm, at Lumiere Cinemas

Films screening in this session

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Film Info

Director: Marcelle Lunam
Producer: Marcelle Lunam, Tamara Popper
Country: Australia, New Zealand
Language: Spanish
Year: 2024
Duration: 70 mins
Category: Being Oneself

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