A Two Hearted Tale

Bret Miller, Rory K. McHarg
/ New Zealand, United States
/ 2023
/ 40 mins
/ English
International Premiere

Dave Chappelle asked for a Bell’s Beer during a comedy set in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Taking a sip, he casually called out, "The Two-Hearted Ale? Why the hell did you put a fish on the  label?" This is the story of that label, and its eccentric artist, Ladislav Hanka.

** This short film will be screened as part of Shorts 4 collection **
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with director Rory McHarg of A Two Hearted Tale following the screening on
* 6 July, 11:00 am, at The Capitol Cinema


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Film Info

Director: Bret Miller, Rory K. McHarg
Producer: Stevie Ansara
Country: New Zealand, United States
Language: English
Year: 2023
Duration: 40 mins

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