The Other Side

Sean Langan
/ United Kingdom
/ 2024
/ 99 mins
/ English, Russian, Ukrainian
World Premiere

Russia’s war on Ukraine – as rarely seen through Russian eyes. 

Journalist Sean Langan travels into the Russian side of the war in Ukraine, offering a never-before-seen perspective on the conflict. He witnesses the lethal reality of this war, where drones loiter threateningly over WW1-style trenchesHe meets Russian special forces who threaten to eat his liver and mercenaries who have seen action in Bucha. But this remarkable film also shows the human face of the other side of this war - civilians living under siege, young students and an old babushka who invites him for tea, coffee and pickles.   

Dark, intimate, and at times bleakly funny, this film captures what life is like for those fighting, and for those civilians who’ve been caught up in Eastern Ukraine’s conflict for the past decade. 

Film Trailer

with director Sean Langen following the screening on
* Sat 29 June, 1:00 pm, at Lumiere Cinemas, Christchurch

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Film Info

Director: Sean Langan
Producer: Leslie Knott
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Year: 2024
Duration: 99 mins
Category: Bridges of Understanding

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