Becca Weber, Joanna Cook, Danielle Lottridge
/ New Zealand
/ 2024

The work utilises avatars and custom-built audiovisual effects to emphasise embodied attention, presented through a 360 virtual reality video and an immersive participatory installation. Vector 360 is a six-minute virtual reality film offering viewers an 'inside out' perspective on dance creation, challenging traditional viewing habits. Accompanying the film is Vector: Interact, an installation encouraging participation through real-time responsive technology. Here, participants create their own choreography, guided by embodied awareness, and observe the digital effects they generate on a projected screen. 


** This experience is part of the New Zealand Projects collection **
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Exhibition Info

Creator: Becca Weber, Joanna Cook, Danielle Lottridge
Country: New Zealand
Year: 2024
Section: New Zealand Project
Premiere: New Zealand
Category: Immersive Non-Fiction

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