XR Exhibition

A showcase of digital interactive storytelling, featuring top international and local VR, AR installations & digital stories.

Storytelling is central to everything we do. Humans have been telling stories around campfires and kitchen tables from time immemorial. Our kaupapa is to celebrate, support and showcase documentary which includes bringing new immersive worlds to New Zealand audiences for them to participate in and experience.

XR, or Extended Reality, is an umbrella term for VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), Interactive and Immersive storytelling. In a way, it encompasses anything beyond the traditional on-screen format.

The XR exhibition is a family-friendly and free event.  In Auckland, it was open to the public at Auckland Central Library, kindly supported by Auckland Council’s City Centre Targeted Rate and Heart of the City.  In Wellington, it was displayed at the Doc Edge XR Pop Up Space, kindly supported by Wellington City Council and Urban Dream Brokerage.


A massive congratulations to the two projects, Evoke (a New Zealand project) and Missing 10 Hours (an international project from Hungary) which both won a Doc Edge Award as XR Impact Winners.

Key Events & Schedule

Wellington XR events will run between 12-18 June at 113 Taranaki Street with the following opening hours:

Mon 12 June:  5.30pm – 8pm
Tue 13 – Fri 16 June:  3pm – 8pm
Sat 17 – Sun 18 June:  10am – 5pm

Here are two key events on Mon 12 June and Fri 16 June not to be missed.


Immersive Experience

Experience four thrilling world premieres: Evoke, The Luminous, Amorphous Volumes, and About Sound. Also featuring TOMO VR
Mon 12 June @ 5.30pm Wellington

** Limited capacity. Session booking encouraged **

Missing 10 Hours

special event

XR for Change: Untold Stories, an immersive event that showcases a collection of transformative XR experiences
Fri 16 June @ 5.30pm Wellington

** Limited capacity. Session booking encouraged **

2023 Projects in Exhibition

Digital Storytelling

This category features a selection of XR works that use digital media to tell stories and convey powerful messages. These innovative and engaging experiences are sure to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. 

Immersive Experiences

This category a range of cutting-edge XR works that transport audiences to new and exciting worlds. From virtual reality to interactive installations, these immersive experiences provide a sense of presence and engagement that is truly awe-inspiring.  

About Sound

World Premiere/
Immersive Experience

A VR experience that changes perception by engaging them with everyday New Zealanders and their responses to various aural wonders in a restful, meditative environment

Alex Honnold Soloist

Digital Storytelling

Immerse in Honnold's world, one of world's most famous free-climbers, carrying out a dangerous mission and bringing viewers on an exhilarating experience through the European Alps.

Amorphous Volumes

World Premiere/
Immersive Experience

A playful, easy watching for first time VR with a unique journey with its visual aesthetics and soundscape, allows audience to experience the colourful organic environment.

Blood Relations

Digital Storytelling

New discoveries about personal stories from a scrapyard in Vancouver to the Orthodox Jewish community of Bnei Brak and back to a decaying farm in rural Manitoba.


Immersive Experience

A mesmerising journey of the 221 enslaved men and women of slavery who drowned in shackles when a Portuguese slave ship sank in 1794 in Clifton Beach, Cape Town.


Immersive Experience

A captivating experience to think about the issue of internet addiction, through mesmerising stories in the military-operated Internet addiction camp in Beijing in 2007.


Immersive Experience /
World Premiere

A poetic, embodied, transcendental journey by stepping into a vast desert landscape and being met with fire, light and universe goddesses.


Digital Storytelling

In raising awareness of the under-discussed aspect of Aboriginal history, Australia's racist past, this is a short story to bring attention to what really happened at Galup Lake in moving detail.


Digital Storytelling

This is a story on flaws embedded into the adoption system in a non-judgmental manner and pushes us to take a more open-minded view of those who wish to serve as single parents.


Immersive Experience

An interactive VR experience that gives you a immersive connection with perspectives from micro scale to macro scale.

Missing 10 Hours

Immersive Experience

Bystander effect, a social psychological theory of a series of events for a vulnerable young woman to become a date rape victim.

Missing Pictures

Immersive Experience

Showcases several notable filmmakers abstract versions of technically innovative dream projects that never came to fruition as part of this VR experience.

Munich 72

Immersive Experience

This walk-through documentary uses VR chat to trace what happened during the 1972 Munich Massacre in riveting detail.


Immersive Experience

A passionate call to arms on behalf of the animal rights movement and makes a strong emotional appeal in favour of environmentalism.

No Place But Here

Digital Storytelling

A fiery agitprop hopes to rehabilitate the image of the South African Reclaim the City movement and spread awareness on the causes of the Woodstock building occupation.

Nobody's Listening

Immersive Experience

A collaboration in ground-breaking educational initiative that commemorates the 2014 Yazidi genocide by ISIS.

Sorella's Story

Digital Storytelling

Accompany Sorella, a 10-year-old girl and some 4,000 Latvian Jewish women in a 360 snowy landscape as they embark on their last journey on a beach in Latvia during Holocaust

Square the CIRCLe

Digital Storytelling

A delightful palette cleanser that poses several thought provoking questions about existential terror.

The jungle people

Digital Storytelling

A vital, politically charged examination of the Anti-British National Liberation War and the impact that it had on the family of a Communist guerrilla fighter.

This is not a ceremony

Digital Storytelling

In this astonishing cinematic VR experience, the oral tradition popularised by Canada's First Nations community gives voice to the concerns of a persecuted minority.

Tomo VR

Premiere/ Digital Storytelling

In the virtual world, architecture TOMO interprets the proverbial heart of three wahine travelling through Te Ao Kikokiko (the land of the living).

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