XR Exhibition

Doc Edge XR Exhibition is a showcase of digital interactive storytelling featuring top international and local VR, AR, installations, and digital stories.

Storytelling is central to everything we do. Humans have been telling stories around campfires and kitchen tables from time immemorial. Our kaupapa is to celebrate, support and showcase documentary which includes bringing new immersive worlds to New Zealand audiences for them to participate in and experience.

XR, or Extended Reality, is an umbrella term for VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), Interactive and Immersive storytelling. In a way, it encompasses anything beyond the traditional on-screen format.

Exhibition 2022

The 2022 XR exhibition will be held from 18 June to 3 July during Doc Edge Festival.

18-19 June | Media Design School
23-26 June | The Civic & Auckland Museum

20 June-3 July | Te Auaha Gallery

A total of 24 projects will be presented in a broad range of XR formats: Interactive VR, 180 & 360 VR Films,  AI and AR Experiences, and Online Immersive and Immersive Installations.

VR Interactive

Inspired by the homes of ancestors with numerous memories, the main character builds a new house where he can carve his own memories.

Director  Sunghwan Lee
Producer  Rene Hyewon Lee , Mina Hyeon
Country  South Korea
Year  2022   Duration  16 mins
Award/Festival  SXSW 2022, DOK Leipzig 2021, IDFA DocLab 2020

Through mind-bending animation, explore the limits of reality and a true story of mental health and the power of gaming. Echo (narrated by Tilda Swinton) guides you through the many realities of Goliath.

Director  Barry Gene Murphy & May Abdalla
Producer  Floreal Films
Country  France, UK
Year  2021    Duration  25 mins
Award/Festival  Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Best VR Work at the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

Kusunda, a voice-driven interactive experience, explores what it means to lose a language and what it takes to preserve one.

Director  Gayatri Parameswaran, Felix Gaedtke
Country  Germany
Year  2021   Duration  20 mins
Award/Festival  Stereopsia 2021, Tribeca Immersive 2021, VR NOW Awards 2021

Rangi Tuwhera Open Sky offers a glimpse into the world of Taonga Pūoro or traditional Māori instruments. We have a virtual encounter with a real pūtōrino and can examine the detailed carving on it created by master carver Sir Brian Flintoff.


Director  Kat Lintott, Dave Whitehead
Country  New Zealand
Year  2021    Duration  20 mins
Award/Festival imagineNATIVE 2021

This powerful virtual reality documentary allows audiences to experience the alarming events of January 13, 2018, in Hawai’i like never before.

Nothing Happened, Everything Changed

Director  Pierre Zandrowicz , Mike Brett , Steve Jamison , Arnaud Colinart
Country  France, UK
Year  2022   Duration  3 x chapters 20-60 mins
Award/Festival  SXSW 2022 Winner XR Experience

VR Films

 Whakakitenga transports viewers to 1846 on the eve of great change for the Ngati Toa people residing in Aotearoa, New Zealand. It provides a cinematic VR experience of the Maori world, through the eyes of Ngati Toa chief Te Rangihaeata.

Director  Wiremu Grace, Miriam Ross, Paul Wolffram
Country  New Zealand
Year  2020   Duration  9 mins

The Hangman at Home is an interactive animated experience exploring themes surrounding acknowledgement and the awkward intimacy of humanness. Told in five interwoven stories; each situation presents a person, or persons in a delicate moment: fragile, playful, terrified, contemplated, confused, curious.

Director  Michelle Kranot , Uri Kranot
Producer  Floreal Films
Country  Canada, Denmark, France
Year  2020    Duration  25 mins

Take a look under the waves, get personal with the local marine life and discover the remains of the HMNZS Wellington (F69) shipwreck!

Director  Nicole Miller
Producer  Friends of Taputeranga Marine Reserve
Country  New Zealand
Year  2022   Duration  3 mins

Immersive Installations

 If your gods could whisper in your ear, what would they say?

Director  Jermaine Dean, Tanu Gago
Producer  Piki Films, FAFSWAG, Wrestler
Country  New Zealand
Year  2021    Duration  4 mins
Awards/Festival  Sundance as Virtual Experience, World Premiere as Physical Installation

Paradise is a two person AI-powered immersive audio experience for intimate partners in their own home. Part interactive game, part theatrical experience, audience members progress through a world of simulated scenarios that explore why we stay together or fall apart.


Director  Gabo Arora, David Rosenberg, Glen Neath
Producer  Darkfield, Light Shed, John Hopkins University
Country  United States
Year  2022   Duration  30 mins
Awards/Festival  SXSW 2022

Immersive Films

Documentary about the interaction between the Brazilian city’s inhabitants and what is expressed in its walls. Graffiti, indecipherable symbols, slogans, political thoughts, hieroglyphs, declarations of love.

Director  Marcos Pimentel
Country  Brazil
Year  2021    Duration  from 75 min

The planet locks itself in. Our world is being drained of its substance and digital life forms are multiplying, like these couples who meet in a virtual universe. What if the crisis was not the pandemic, but the derealization of our lives?

Director  Ayce Kartal
Country  France
Year  2021   Duration  from 6 mins

Emergence of patterns in chaos or the way we fall in love. True beauty is everywhere. Hard to reach, ephemeral and mysterious, or simply hidden from us, it shapes our ability to feel, to observe and to marvel about Nature and other beings.

Director  Thomas Vans
Country  France
Year  2021   Duration  from 4 mins

Three Chinese ladies developed their romantic relationships with artificially intelligent virtual partners in real life.

Director  Chouwa Liang
Country  Australia
Year  2021    Duration  from 16 mins

Phenomena fuses art and science together to explore naturally occurring patterns, and the fundamental forces of nature that create them, to take us on an ambitious, innovative, and psychedelic journey through the fabric of the universe.

Director  Josef Gatti
Country  Australia
Year  2021    Duration  from 28 mins

Sentience starkly contrasts the stunning beauty of Guanxi Provence’s ancient mountains and the abrasive imposition of modernity playing out on Yangshou’s famous fourteen hundred-year-old West Street.

Director  Elliot J. Spencer
Country  Australia
Year  2021    Duration  from 9 mins

Online Experience

What does normal mean? Mika Orr, director and daughter of a psychiatrist, takes a look at widespread mental disorders.

Director  Mika Orr
Country  France
Year  2021    Duration  8 – 96 mins
Awards/Festival  IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling 2021

Discover the amazing selection of digital work at IF Digital Institut Francais 

What is it like to communicate in sign language? Find out for yourself in Ravi and Emma, an interactive experience that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and love—with humor and inventiveness. Join in and you’ll find yourself immersed in the story of deaf-born designer Ravi and Emma, a hearing student.

Director  Kylie Boltin, Ella Rubeli, Ravi Vasavan, Emma Anderson
Country  Australia
Year  2021   Duration  12 mins
Awards/Festival  IDFA DocLab Liminal Reality 2021

A true story about a boy Wiesio Stypula, one of thousands of Polish orphans who were saved from the hell of World War II by an Indian Maharajah Jam Saheb Digvijaysinhji

Director  Thomas Stankiewicz
Country  Poland
Year  2021   Duration  90 mins
Awards/Festival  Slamdance International Film Festival 2021