Doc Edge Presents is a programme of regular documentary screenings throughout the year, usually on the last Saturday of the month (excluding May & December), proudly sponsored by Mindfood Magazine.  
In 2018, we are moving to new screening venues in both cities, i.e. Academy Cinema, Auckland and Nga Taonga Sound and Vision, Wellington.  Also, you will be able to purchase a season pass for the entire 2018 programme.

44 Lorne St., Auckland
(09) 373 2761
84 Taranaki St., Wellington
(0800) 642 826

2018 Programme

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27 Jan | AIDA’s SECRET
Israel, Germany, USA | 2016 | 91 min | English, Hebrew | Alon Schwarz

Reunited after 70 years, two brothers separated at birth, undertake to reclaim their history to uncover decades of complex family secrets and lies. Powerful, suspense-filled story of resilience and compassion.

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24 Feb | TICKLED
New Zealand | 2016 | 92 min | English | Dir. David Farrier, Dylan Reeves

Journalist David Farrier intends to document an international tickling competition for kicks. Instead, he finds a bizarre and even threatening world created by a bully with deep pockets.

*Rated M -Offensive language & sexual themes

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24 Mar (WEL)  31 Mar (AKL) | PLASTIC CHINA
Taiwan | 2016 | 82 min | Chinese | Dir. Jiu-Liang Wang

China, the world’s largest importer of plastic waste. The story of two families reveals the human and environmental costs of living and working amongst artificial mountains of plastic waste from Asia, Europe and the USA.

* Doc Edge Best International Feature 2017

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USA | 2016 | 85 min | English | Dir. Ferne Pearlstein

Comics, actors, filmmakers and concentration camp survivors discuss the ramifications and ethical dilemmas of using the Holocaust as a topic for humour. Outrageously funny and thought-provoking film.

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USA | 2013 | 84 min | English | Dirs. John Maloof, Charlie Siskel

The life and work of career nanny and photographic documentarian, Vivian Maier and her amazing collection of 100,000 photographs that captured Urban America’s most interesting marvels and peculiarities from 1950s – 1990s.

*Rated: PG

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21 Jul (WEL) 28 Jul (AKL) | MY HERO BROTHER
Israel | 2016 | 78 min | Hebrew, English | Dir. Yonatan Nir

Heart-warming and affecting film tells the remarkable story of a group of young people with Down syndrome that embark on a demanding trek through the Indian Himalayas, accompanied by their brothers and sisters.

*Doc Edge Best International Director 2017

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Australia, USA | 2017 | 90 min | English | Dirs. Pete Evans, Robert Tate

Directed by Pete Evans of My Kitchen Rules and Robert Tate, The Magic Pill follows doctors, patients, scientists, chefs, farmers and journalists from around the globe who are combating illness through a paradigm shift in eating habits.

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29 Sep | Hip-Hoperation
New Zealand | 2014 | 93 min | English | Dir. Bryn Evans

A NZ sensation. Senior citizens of Waiheke Island defy the odds to compete in the Las Vegas World Hip Hop Dance Championships to prove you are never too old to take the first step on the journey of a lifetime.

*Rated PG: offensive language

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27 Oct | Dancer
UK, Russia, Ukraine, USA | 2016 | 85 min | English, Russian, Ukrainian | Steven Cantor

Filmmaker Steven Cantor examines the life and career of ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, from his early days in the Ukraine to his performances in the United Kingdom, Russia and America. He is considered the most gifted dancer of his generation.

*Rated M: nudity & drug references

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24 Nov | Pecking Order
New Zealand | 2017 | 88 min | English | Slavko Martinov

A hilarious, unique, and heart-warming slice of Kiwiana. A group of witty, competitive and distinctive poultry obsessives strive to peak at national champ show as their 148-year old club crumbles around them.

*Rated PG : Coarse language