Connecting students to the best educational films from around the world.

Doc Edge Schools is made possible thanks to
the generous support of the Rei Foundation.

During The Doc Edge Film Festival, Doc Edge Schools provides free screenings of educational documentaries for schools. During the rest of the year, we also provide a subscription based video-on-demand platform for schools in New Zealand and across the Pacific.

Doc Edge Schools engages students from years 5 to 13 and beyond, with documentaries that present current issues, ask critical questions and offer new perspectives to inspire discussion and learning.


This year we’re doing things a little bit differently during the festival because of COVID-19.

We’re going online and nationwide!

If you would like to book a group of students for these free screenings, take a look at our programme and schedule below, then email [email protected] with your session times, and student numbers using the booking form.



Please check with your Senior Management Team, make your selections, and confirm student numbers and email addresses before sending the booking through. Bookings will be processed manually, so the fewer changes to your original booking form the better!

From there, we will send you information on how to access the screenings, as well as the question and answer sessions that will accompany the documentaries.


All films in the programme are free of charge for students and teachers, and are accompanied by a useful education resource complete with conversation starters and learning activities based around the issues raised in the documentaries.



We will be running introductions, special events, as well as Question and Answer sessions where students can interact with filmmakers and industry area experts.

We will be doing this through a video chat website called Webinar Jam, which requires teacher (but not student) registration ahead of the screening.

These sessions will allow students and teachers to interact with filmmakers and subject area experts who will appear in a secure live video chat room in real time, before, and after the film.

Students are encouraged to write questions during the film as they come up, and use the educational resources provided to inspire insightful questions.

Once you book, you’ll receive all the information you need about how to access these screenings, and live sessions.

We’re looking forward to another great Doc Edge Schools festival in 2020, online and nationwide!

Download the programme and schedule as a pdf.

Download the booking form.