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Take scheduled meetings with our guests.


Doc Engage is an opportunity to meet with some of our Forum guests online during Doc Edge Forum. Many of our invited Forum guests are decision makers in one form or another, be they producers, festival programmers, commissioners, distributors or sales agents – and plenty of them are hard to get face time with.

If you’re one of the first 50 people to purchase an Early Bird All-Sessions Forum pass, you’re eligible to join Doc Engage. If you don’t have an Early Bird Full Forum pass, get one. It’s the only way to access Doc Engage.

Buy pass here.


It works like this:

We’ll publish the list of guests happy to take meetings. You can see who’s taking part here.

You indicate to us the people you’d like to get in front of.

We’ll schedule meetings and let you both know.


If more people request to meet someone than they can handle, we’ll blind draw names for the available meetings slots. We’ll also advise the guest who else would like to meet them, and they may reach out to you directly if they wish to.

Hints for meetings…

Do have any presentation materials you want to give to somebody in a standard format, like pdf.

Do compress your pdf so it transfers quickly. Here are some good places to do that for free:
I Love PDF
Small PDF

Don’t overstay your allotted time. If tech challenges prevent anybody from making a meeting, we’ll invite both parties to reschedule.

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