The 2021 Clinic programme presented a series of six workshops covering essential hard and soft skills for documentary filmmakers and creators of factual content.

Clinic 1 ran on Saturday 7 August, with guests including RNZ’s Colin Peacock, Genepool Productions’ Daniella Ortega (Australia), filmmaker Gaylene Preston, Newsroom’s Mark Jennings, and GFC’s Tom Blackwell.

Clinic 2 ran, in partnership with the Screen Music and Sound Guild of NZ, on Saturday 21 August, with guests including Getty Images’ Arran Birchenough, SyncHouse‘s Jane Jacob, Mind Your Music’s Jenna Ackerman, Music Licensing’s Kim Green, filmmaker Larry Keating, NHNZ’s Lemuel Lyes, Native Tongue’s Pennie Black, and the University of Auckland’s Phoebe Shum.

Clinic 3 ran on Saturday 4 September, with guests Aditi Sharma (India), Dale Cochrane, Harold Monfils, Murray Milne, Peter Young, Richard Sidey and Tory Evans, presented in partnership with NZ Cinematographers Society.

Clinic 4 ran on Saturday 18 September, with guests Doug Blush (USA), Jai Waite, Julia Parnell, Margot Francis, Robyn Paterson and Scott Flyger, presented in partnership with the Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand.

Clinic 5 ran on Saturday 2 October, with guests Cheyenne Tan (Oscar nominee, St. Louis Superman), Chris Widdup (The Outlook for Someday), Gina Dellabarca (Show Me Shorts), Jackie Dennis (Script to Screen), Julia Parnell (Loading Docs), Laura Checkoway (Oscar nominee, Edith+Eddie) and Ruby Yang (Oscar winner, The Blood of Yingzhou District).

Clinic 6 ran on Saturday 16 October, with guests Alex Behse, Fergus Grady, James Heyward, Kate Goodwin, Leanne Saunders, Paulina Villegas and Shaun Miller 

Our next Clinics programme will run in the second half of 2022.

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