XR Exhibition Launch of NZ XR (FREE EVENT)

XR Exhibition Launch of NZ XR (FREE EVENT)

/ 120 mins

Experience 4 x NZ XR World Premieres and TOMO VR - supported by the Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate

Join us for the XR Exhibition Launch of NZ XR, where you'll be immersed in a world of cutting-edge technology, art, and storytelling. Experience the future of virtual reality with four thrilling world premieres: Evoke, The Luminous, Amorphous Volumes, and About Sound. Also featuring TOMO VR as a exhibition Premiere.  

With Special Guest Kat Lintot, Wrestler (Evoke and The Luminous) , Daniel Foothead ( Amorphous Volumes, Ed Davis ( TOMO VR), Gaby Thomas (TOMO VR) and Mairi Gunn (haptic HONGI)

supported by the Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate.

Evoke, created by Wrestler Studios, takes you on a poetic and transcendental journey through a vast desert landscape. Meet fire, light, and universe goddesses who guide you through movements that awaken energy, relax your body, and fill you with light.

The Luminous is an ongoing VR series that explores the connections between science and spirituality. Dive into topics such as consciousness, wellness, and quantum physics, and experience positive psychological change and transformation through the mystical powers of VR.

Amorphous Volumes offers a playful and visually stunning experience inspired by synesthesia. Explore the synchronicity of sound and image in a colorful organic environment that appeals to all ages.

About Sound revolutionizes the perception of sound by engaging ordinary New Zealanders and their responses to auditory wonders. Step into a restful and meditative environment that transforms everyday experiences into something extraordinary.

TOMO VR film captures the dream space with its haunting tale of life and death. Viewers will find themselves in a cavern of endless time, a world within a world, watching two travelling wairua (the bodiless self) and the generations of ancestors before them. Their mother holds the power of creation within her. She carries them in her womb and is the gateway to the world of light. She is a daughter, a sister and a mother in tapu (sacred).
One traveller departs to the world of the living, the other transcends to the embracing arms of Hine Nui Te Pō, the goddess of death..

In addition to these premieres, we are thrilled to present two captivating installations by Ed Davis, an immersive filmmaker based in Wellington, and Mairi Gunn. Ed Davis invites you to step inside a hologram and view a mesmerizing performance at a 1:1 scale in 6DoF VR. Be amazed by his innovative work merging live performance with VR and LED walls.

Mairi Gunn's installation, Haptic HONGI, uses Augmented Reality to honor the call by Māori to have a 'seat at the table' and reflect on the initial encounters between Māori and Tauiwi. Experience a thought-provoking interaction with a volumetric capture of Māori woman Tania Remana, as she addresses you directly and engages in a hongi, a traditional Māori greeting.

Join us for an evening of discovery, where you can explore these extraordinary premieres and installations, engage with industry experts, and immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities of XR technology.

Date: Thursday, June 1 Time: 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM Location: Auckland Central Library Admission: General Admission

Don't miss this groundbreaking event that showcases the best of NZ XR. Experience the world premieres, marvel at the installations, and be part of the future of storytelling.

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