NZ XR: Finding Self

NZ XR: Finding Self

/ 30 mins

an Immersive Sensory VR Experience- 3 World Premieres - Evoke, About Sound, Amorphous Volumes and also featuring TOMO VR

4 x NZ VR World Premieres

Every human being has dreamed of becoming a goddess at one point in their lives and this VR dance experience draws out your inner Venus.
This visually beautiful, poetic and surreal experience is part dance-film, part guided-visualisation. You move between floating in a night sky to dancing in vast, epic landscapes. Respected dancer Nancy Wijohn embodies the goddesses that guide you through routines that empower and energise you. Mirroring her free and connected figure has the capacity to wake up a new way of being in your body in the real world. The experience is open to those who are not experienced dancers and celebrates the fact that we can all interpret the same routine in radically different ways.

The Luminous
The Luminous is an ongoing VR series unpacking the fundamental connections between Science and Spirituality.
Utilizing the mystic powers of VR The Luminous;will not only hack into these topics but also promote ongoing* positive psychological change and transformation.
The Luminous series is grounded in scientific and philosophical research - driven by academic essays and scriptures on Consciousness, Wellness, New Technology, enlightenment, energy, and Quantum physics.

Amorphous Volumes
An experience that is accessible to all ages, showing elements of playful and easy watching for first time VR adventurer. It is inspired by the concept of synesthesia, focuses on the synchronicity of sound and image. With its unique visual aesthetics, it allows audience to experience the colourful organic environment.

About Sound
This VR experience radically alters the perception of this discipline by engaging with ordinary, everyday New Zealanders and considering their responses to different aural wonders. Users will enter into a restful, meditative environment, altering the perception of everyday New Zealanders.

Also Featuing as a Exhibition Premiere :
Atamira presents our first foray into the world of Virtual Reality (VR) which is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Individual headsets provide the perfect platform for an innovative choreographic and digital interpretation of TOMO, a work that first premiered in 2019 at Tempo Festival. With shifting architecture TOMO interprets the proverbial heart of three w?hine travelling through Te Ao Kikokiko (the land of the living). A battle between self and the source begins when one lost and lonely wairua enters their world.

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Duration: 30 mins

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