Sunset Over Mulholland Drive

“You’re never too old to be creative.”
– Connie Wilson

The palms along Mulholland Drive sway softly in the light breeze under the evening sun. Here in sleepy Woodland Hills, north-west of Hollywood, hides a unique campus.

Hollywood is known for its glamour and stars. But not everybody becomes famous or wealthy. Most workers in the film industry, behind and in front of the lens, toil without recognition and riches. When they get older, they often have few means to support themselves.

The residents of the retirement campus in Woodland Hills were once Hollywood’s backbone, the unsung heroes of the film industry.

Over 1000 actors, writers, directors, cameramen, agents, make-up artists, costume designers and even big studio bosses live here, spending their twilight years safely and in peace. Hollywood stars who are still in the business, like George Clooney, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg, support the community with generous donations true to the motto: “We take care of our own.”

“A touching, poignant yet light-hearted documentary about the residents of a very special retirement home.”
– Global Screen

In Woodland Hills the residents can also continue to pursue their talents and passions, thanks to an in-house TV studio, music rooms, writers’ groups and their own, state-of-the-art movie theatre.

Some continue to make films or pursue other projects. Sunset Over Mulholland Drive follows one such project and its creators, from their first brainstorming session to the premiere.

Residents share their very own Hollywood memories, revealing enduring dreams and hopes beyond the limelight – and lessons in life and love.

The film screened at Doc Edge Festival 2019.

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