Schools – New Zealand Short Film Competition

The shorts in this collection are the finalists in the New Zealand Student Short Film Competition.
Competition winners will be announced, and cash prizes awarded at the Auckland screening of the Student Competition Shorts programme, on Friday 31 May at 12:30pm.
Cash prizes have been made possible with generous assistance from The Wallace Foundation.

Life in the Slow Lane
Directed by Molly Floyd
A humorous film showing the realities of learning to drive from the perspective of teenagers and driving instructors in the industry.
Directed by Geoff Chen
The filmmaker proves that all you need is grit, an iPhone and the ability to laugh at yourself to climb Mt Kilamanjaro.
Grit was among the winners at last year’s Someday Film Challenge.
Children Raising Children
Directed by Honor Williams
A young mother describes the shock of discovering her underage pregnancy, and the struggle and stigma she faced. Her story is supported by the sister of another teenage mother; and a nurse who works with pregnant teenagers, both offering hope and advice.
Karangahape Road
Directed by Ysabella Smith
The iconic Auckland street is reflected on fondly, seen through the eyes of those who love and live on it. Musicians, restaurant owners, cross dressers and the homeless all form part of this diverse and colourful community, now facing gentrification and the potential loss of the place they call ‘home’.
Tripe Club
Directed by Beth Phillips
With the fate of the North Harbour Tripe and Onion Club in the balance, Beth Phillips shares a heart-warming tale of the weird and wonderful. Longstanding club president, Robin Hunter, heads the club. A lover of Christmas and Mickey Mouse, his devotion and eccentricity are adored by all.
A celebration of fellowship, belonging – and tripe.
The Rocky Bay Store
Directed by Eileen Lee
On the surface, Waiheke Island’s Rocky Bay is an idyllic seaside town. But, as we peel back the layers we see the ugly truths that lie beneath. The Rocky Bay Store is a short documentary exploring the mysterious event that changed a small community forever.

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Session Time

Auckland | Loft, Q Theatre
Fri 31 May
12:30 PM
Wellington | The Roxy 2
Fri 14 Jun
12:30 PM
60 min