Schools – 2019 New Zealand Shorts

This collection of shorts, from around Aotearoa / New Zealand, explores the diversity of our unique culture. The shorts in this collection compete for the Doc Edge Best NZ Short Award. The winner will be announced at an invitation-only ceremony in Auckland on 31 May. The winner qualifies for Oscar consideration.

Tā Moko – Behind the Tattooed Face
Directed by Mick Andrews, Dave Atkinson
Bernard and Sapphire are passionate about seeking a positive future for their community. They tell their stories of pain and hope as they demonstrate their commitment by receiving moko.

The Breath Connection
Directed by Aliscia Young
A portrait of free-diver Kathryn Nevatt, New Zealand record holder and former World Champion. The film reflects Kathryn’s philosophy and gives insight into the mind of a free-diver.

Directed by Steph Miller
Four seemingly unrelated individuals share their most personal stories. As it dissects the confronting subject matter, the film reveals the connection that links them to one another, and to us.

The Rocky Bay Store
Directed by Eileen Lee
A mysterious event changed the small seaside community of Rocky Bay on Waiheke Island, uncovering ugly truths that lie beneath its idyllic surface.

Tripe Club
Directed by Beth Phillips
Longstanding President Robin Hunter is adored for his devotion to the club, and his eccentricity. Celebrate fellowship, belonging and tripe in this heart-warming tale of the weird and wonderful.

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74 min