Schools – Beyond Moving

“Always remember to shine.”
– Fiona Sutton Sargeant

When young Siphe November leaves home to follow his dreams, he encounters expectation, loss, prejudice and resilience.

Growing up in Zolani, a segregated township outside Cape Town, South Africa, Siphe is surrounded by his family’s love for dance, but his extraordinary potential only becomes clear when he and his brothers start dancing with their first teacher, Fiona Sutton Sargeant.

From a privileged community across the mountains, Fiona displays both passion and frustration as she pushes the boys to commit to their talent. When Fiona invites a family of Canadian travellers to watch the children perform, Siphe’s talent moves them to sponsor his education at a good school so he can dedicate more time to dancing.

“It was a tough upbringing.”
– Siphe November

Siphe’s talent takes him much further away from his home when he is accepted into Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto. Over the next seven years, he pushes the limits of his talent, tackling an intensive training regimen. Siphe soars on stages around the world while growing up away from his family, all with a unique body that breaks the traditional ballet aesthetic.

At the same time, he must navigate evolving relationships with the important people in his life: his mother, with whom he feels a profound duty to help live a better life; with Fiona, who is thrilled for Siphe, but wishes he would become a role model and give back to his community; with his Canadian family, who strive to help him feel at home in two countries; and with his brother Mthuthu, a professional choreographer and dancer in Europe.

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Auckland | Loft, Q Theatre
Thu 30 May
10:15 AM
Auckland | Loft, Q Theatre
Thu 30 May
12:45 PM
Wellington | The Roxy 2
Thu 13 Jun
10:15 AM
Wellington | The Roxy 1
Thu 13 Jun
12:30 PM
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English, Xhosa