Festival – World Shorts II

From Europe through China to the Americas, people and things are not always what they seem in this collection.

Seeds of Deceit (Netherlands)
Directed by Miriam Guttmann
Fertility doctor Jan Karbaat secretly used his own seed instead of donors’. Two mothers, and their children, must now come to terms with this new reality.

All in My Family (USA)
Directed by Hao Wu
Hao Wu has a modern LGBTQ+ family in the US, but struggles to introduce his partner and children to his family back in China – some of whom don’t know he’s gay.

Hao’s feature People’s Republic of Desire won the Best International Director award at Doc Edge 2018.

Blue Boy (Argentina, Germany)
Directed by Manuel Abramovich
What are you up to? Do you want me? We could have fun…
Male sex workers in Berlin have their portraits taken as they listen and react to recordings of their experiences.

The School of Beauty and Long Life (China)
Directed by Noah Sheldon
At a Chinese school, students enrol to follow their dreams of becoming hairdressers and beauticians. But students in military uniforms, practising drills, reveal it’s far from a typical institute of beauty.

Session Time

Auckland | Loft, Q Theatre
Sat 1 Jun
10:00 AM
Auckland Art Gallery | Auditorium
Mon 3 Jun
02:00 PM
Wellington | The Roxy 2
Sat 15 Jun
10:15 AM
Wellington | The Roxy 2
Sun 23 Jun
02:30 PM
93 min