A digital storytelling showcase through AR, VR and digital interactivity.

Story is central to everything we do. Humans have been telling stories around campfires and kitchen tables from time immemorial.

Doc Edge Exhibition 2020 showcases 9 new forms of storytelling from around the world using evolving digital technologies.

Our kaupapa is to present new immersive story worlds where audiences can participate and experience storytelling.

Traditionally this is held in a physical venue. Due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty around it, Doc Edge has curated projects you can watch in your own bubble.

And it’s FREE.

2020 Selections

Using the medium of 360 video, By the Waters of Babylon takes viewers on an immersive journey into the world of composers silenced by the Holocaust and a contemporary string quartet’s mission to bring this music to a wider audience. Viewers begin their experience situated in the center of theClarion Quartet as they perform a work by Viktor Ullmann, a composer who suffered under Nazi oppression. By the Waters of Babylon then interweaves images of the past and the present as it tells the story of the “Entartete Musik” composers  and the Clarion Quartet’s mission to shine light on music silenced by oppression.

By the Waters of Babylon
Andrew Halasz, Kristen Lauth Shaeffer

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CHILDREN DO NOT PLAY WAR is a cinematic Virtual Reality tale of the war in Uganda told through the eyes of a young girl.

Aloyo, a twelve years-old girl living in Lira, Uganda, sits among other children around the fire to tell their story during war, what they saw, where they went. Mixing early oral storytelling tradition and contemporary Virtual Reality narrative, blending fiction and non-fiction elements, Children Do Not Play War narrates the memories, dreams and daily lives of the children who returned from the war and about how they recovered their childhood.

Children Do Not Play War
Fabiano Mixo

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More Than a Haircut is an interactive documentary that explores what ‘masculinity’ means to people around the world, through the context of barbershops. It shines a light on the unique barber-client relationship, and the supportive role that barbers play in their clients’ lives which goes beyond just cutting hair.

More Than a Haircut
Hartley Woolf

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A 360 documentary film, exploring the tragic story and shipwreck of the Mary Ward, in Craigleith, Canada.

Mary Ward
Tracey Strnad

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Migrant Mothers of Syria is an interactive web-doc that seeks to bring the Syrian refugee crisis out of the realm of numbers and statistics and engage audiences with personal stories about life in between places — told from the POV of mothers whose lives have been uprooted by conflict. Inspired by the 1936 photograph, Migrant Mother, by American photographer Dorothea Lange, the documentary reflects on notions of home, migration and exile as being part of a shared human experience that is not confined to any given race, culture or religion but that ultimately affects us all.

Migrant Mothers of Syria
Anna Fahr

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Bayi Gardiya (Singing Desert) is a bold, ambitious and new virtual reality work.
In it, Christian Thompson invites audiences to walk through the landscape of his childhood, where they will witness a simple yet profound aesthetic gesture of the artist singing in his traditional Bidjara language, a recognised lost language.

Bayi Gardiya
Christian Thompson

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At the very end of the European Union, close to the Moldavian border, there is the prison of Botosani. The prisoners Busliuc, Cristian and Manix spend the last days of their penalties in prison before facing the mammoth task of reintegrating into society. Poverty, rejection, solitude, but also themes like family and hope are omnipresent.

The Rain that is Falling Now was also Falling Back Then
Christian Zipfel

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Tops of Memory was created with the question “Where did I come from and where will I go?” when I just got liberated from my mother’s body, I gained the pleasure of libido for the first time. At that time, I gained the pleasure just by seeking the simple sexual desire. Then, it gradually changed from simple libido to body desire. I gained an image of what I was like from the surroundings and began to recognize myself. The desire to look for freedom began to show up while not violating the various rules of the world. At the end, after gaining real freedom and satisfying my all greed, will all of me disappear?

Tops of Memory
Jialiang Liu

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