A digital storytelling showcase through AR, VR and digital interactivity.



Story is central to everything we do. Humans have been telling stories around campfires and kitchen tables from time immemorial.

Doc Edge Exhibition showcases new forms of storytelling using evolving digital technologies. Our kaupapa is to present new immersive story worlds where audiences can participate and experience storytelling.

The 3rd Doc Edge Exhibition was held in Auckland and Wellington during Doc Edge Festival and featured a selection of 14 international  VR, AR, installations, and digital interactive projects. Free admission.

Submissions to Doc Edge Festival 2020 are now closed.



2019 Virtual Reality Projects


Bas Jansen

In a world where people have almost destroyed the planet, the remaining humans decide to create an artificial intelligence computer to restore the balance on Earth.

But the computer gets more power and begins to act like a creator.

Is there still a place for humans? And do we trust the judgment of a machine?


Aoífe Doyle

Set in a beautiful forest clearing, the audience experiences the majesty of nature through a time-lapse narrative of day to night, spring to winter and life to death.

This animated VR short follows the lives of a young family. Viewers are drawn into the emotive storyline, allowing them to get up close and personal with the characters. Fleeting, awe-inspiring moments of presence and gentle interaction invite us to reflect on the very nature of time itself.


Eric Giessmann

A short infographic about how a cochlear implant works. Using the director’s face, the short was entirely painted and animated in virtual reality.

Distributed more than 1600 times on Facebook in the 48 hours after launch, the project has received much positive feedback from deaf people and people with these implants.


Lucas Gath, Shannon Service

At 14, Tun Lin was kidnapped from Thailand and sold into slavery. He spent the next 14 years on a ship, forced to fish without pay.

With the help of a humanitarian agency, Tun Lin escaped and returned home – but many are not so lucky. Visit the ships, ports, and seas where this slave trade takes place, exposing injustices and their relationship to the lucrative fishing industry.

Shannon Service’s feature Ghost Fleet plays in this year’s festival.


Ioannis Bekiaris, Alexis Mavros

In 1974, a Turkish invasion resulted in the occupation of the northern third of Cyprus. Ever since, the island has been divided by a UN-patrolled buffer zone known as the Green Line.

In January 2016, the Green Line team was granted access into the zone, where it documented glimpses of areas from which their original inhabitants have been barred for almost half a century.


Carlos Oceguera

The film takes you through five vignettes where death and horror lurk around every bend. Each is a tale of tragedy in downtown Vancouver, portraying the lives of homeless people.


Ricarda Saleh

Paris Terror – The Hostages from the Hyper Cacher tells the story of three survivors of the anti-Semitic assault of 9 January 2015, two days after the Charly Hebdo attack.

At Hyper Cacher, a Jewish supermarket chain, customers were taken hostages and four Jews were killed by the terrorist. Alain, Jean-Luc and Carole give unique insight into their experience during the hostage-taking.

This abstract black and white 2D-3D animation mix re-enacts the event in a respectful manner.



Giulia Jimenez

In this 360 experience you are the bullet fired by a policeman into the middle of a protesting crowd in Caracas, Venezuela.

Travel through the crowd perceiving the situation. Your path is fixed, leading you to your mortal destination.

Plomo is inspired by true events.


Millo Simulov

A few minutes before taking off to Mars, an astronaut receives a 360 video from his girlfriend.


Christian Zipfel

Ever since humans started to build dwellings, mankind has been creating closed and strictly-regulated rooms. They facilitate the satisfaction of human drives and therefore provide a basis for our culture.

The rooms are defined as a socially important construct rather than just as space framed by walls. Which fundamental functions do rooms fulfil for mankind? What happens to a room when civilisation has left its space?

The film will immerse you in five intimate room realities.


Alexander Gorokhov

Strap into a rocket ship and blast off into space in this ground-breaking recreation of the 1965 Voskhod-2 rocket launch.

Join Leonov and his fellow cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev on the first walk in space.


Roger Ross Williams

The Green Book was a survival guide, first published in 1936, that African-American travelers relied on to avoid brutal discrimination. It listed safe places that would fulfill their needs. In 1958, Ben and Virginia Ali’s new restaurant, Ben’s Chili Bowl, joined the list.

Made with Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël and Ayesha Nadarajah, the project invites viewers into an emotionally moving VR experience about race and restricted movement in America.

Roger Ross Williams won the Best International Director award at Doc Edge in 2014 for God Loves Uganda.



Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

This art project uses a face recognition camera, trained with the faces of the 43 disappeared students from Mexico. As you stand in front of the camera, the system uses algorithms to find which student’s facial features look most like yours, and gives a ‘Level of Confidence’ on how accurate the match is.

The piece will always fail to make a positive match, as the students were probably murdered.

Benjamin Duffield’s feature about Rafael’s body of work, Megalodemocrat, plays in the festival.



Hervé Cohen

This interactive web documentary invites visitors on a cinematic journey into the subways of the world through the personal stories of passengers. This was shot in over 15 city subways, capturing the pulse of these vibrant environments and the millions of people who pass through them every day.

By documenting passengers’ stories of love, dreams, family, migration, and much more, this film reminds us that beneath the surface, we’re all connected.

In Auckland, Ellen Melville Centre is the home of Doc Edge Exhibition 2019. The Exhibition is free and open to the public 9am – 5pm, 4 June to Friday 7 June.


In Wellington, Te Auaha is hosting the Doc Edge Exhibition 2019. The Exhibition is free and open to the public 10am – 6pm, Monday 17 – Friday 21 June.


In Wellington, Massey University is hosting the Doc Edge Exhibition 2019. The Exhibition is free and open to the public 10am – 5pm, Monday 17 – Friday 21 June. An installation of “Life Underground” will be showcased at this venue.