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We're going online and nationwide

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“We are reaching out to create a much-needed sense of community” – Alex Lee, Doc Edge Director.

As everybody is acutely aware, Covid-19 is causing disruption to every aspect of people’s lives, and causing festivals around the globe to postpone or cancel.

Doc Edge has decided not to postpone, not to cancel, but to deliver its full festival and industry event programme online this June.

Over 1400 films were submitted to Doc Edge Festival this year, so we want to honour the filmmakers for all the effort, time and love they and their film crews have poured into each and every one of those titles.

Every year it breaks our hearts to reject so many great films, and this year we just couldn’t accept the idea of saying ‘No’ to all of them. Our programme will be full-size and we’ll be presenting 60-70 titles, as we have in recent years. While our plan to move online is challenging, it does offer some opportunities as well. Doc Edge will explore those, and incorporate and deliver the benefits to you.

For starters, the festival will be available to everybody in Aotearoa, not just to people in Auckland and Wellington. You’ll be able to attend the screenings and other events from wherever you are, and even in your pj’s if you wish. And you won’t have to queue at the bar or bathrooms!

We will be rolling out lots of announcements between now and Opening Night, but here’s what we can tell you right now.

What’s happening?

How long have you got?

We’re choosing the best platform to deliver our festival… We’re demanding, and our wish-list is long. Some of what we’re trying to do hasn’t been done online before… We’re talking with all of our sponsors and partners about how we can support one another through all that’s changing…

We’re also confirming film selections, and inviting filmmakers to attend the Festival – virtually. Yes, there will be live Q+A sessions following screenings, and some other little extras we haven’t offered before.

So, in short, a lot is happening. And there’ll be lots to share with you between now and Opening Night.

When is the Festival?

We haven’t announced the exact dates for the Festival, but they will fall within the dates for Auckland and Wellington we’d already announced (28 May – 21 June).

Is it On Time or On Demand?

Films will screen to a schedule, just like they do usually. We may offer some of the films on demand later in the year, but no films will screen on demand during the festival period.

Where’s the programme?

Like the Festival, it will be online this year.

We know that’s disappointing, because we love having a printed booklet to leaf through and scribble notes in. Sadly, we’ve had to let it go this year, because getting used to the new normal and all the changes we’ve had to make have taken up a lot of time.

Will you present awards this year?

You betcha.

You’ll have to bring your own champagne, but we will present awards. If you’re a winner, you’ll still get an actual trophy.

If you’re watching, we’ll be running a Best Dressed competition through our social media channels, with prizes for the winners! There’ll be a special prize on offer for those game enough to recreate our 2019 hero image!

What happens now?

We’ll be making lots of announcements, of films, how to get tickets, where the programme is, who’s coming along to Q+A sessions, and so on.

Keep up to date with our announcements as we make them, by following our social media channels and signing up for our Festival newsletter (at the bottom of this page).

Download or read our official media release announcement here.