The Death Of My Two Fathers

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Can the lessons of a father teach the child how not to make the same mistakes? 

Director Guy took 20 years before watching the tapes his father recorded shortly before his death in 1998. They detail how a black man from Kansas City, Missouri, arrived in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, determined to make a better life for his new family.

Watching the tapes proved to be cathartic and unforgettable contemplation of race, death, and the importance of family. Guy reflects on his life. He sets off on a journey to better understand his family and his Black American roots, as he confronts the choices his father made.

The film is an exploration of the meaning of family and a metaphor for how our human family must reconcile with our painful past if we hope to survive.



The vulnerability of Sol and William’s intimate testimonials are a gift to those who listen, in this critical moment of reflection and opportunity for meaningful change.
Alexander Rogalski, Hot Docs

Q&A With Filmmaker | Facebook
4 Jul 12:00 am
Auckland | SkyCity Theatre
5 Jun 1:15 pm
Wellington | The Roxy
19 Jun 12:00 pm
Nationwide | Online
From 20 Jun - 11 Jul

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