The Boys Who Said No!

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An ode to the power of activism.

Drawing on original interviews with more than 30 male and female non-violent activists and historians, Erhlich profiles the young men and women who actively opposed the military draft, in order to end the Vietnam War. The film shows how their personal and collective acts of non-violent resistance, risking arrest and imprisonment for up to 5 years, were a critical part of the anti-war movement, intensifying opposition to the war and eventually forcing an end to both conscription and the war.

Oscar-nominated director Ehrlich’s film is an overdue and definitive account of the principled and powerful non-violent resistance to America’s most problematic war. These young men risked years in prison to challenge a war of tragic human proportions. Their leadership, personal sacrifices, and example had a direct effect on ending the war and are an important example for today’s movements for social justice and peace.


Some films are too important not to see. The Boys Who Said NO! is one of those films. 
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From 4 Jun - 11 Jul

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