I'm An Electric Lampshade

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An offbeat, heart-warming portrait of the world’s least likely rock star. 

This film tells the story of Doug McCorkle, a buttoned-up, mild-mannered corporate accountant. After retiring at age 60, Doug puts his marriage and life savings on the line to chase his wildest dream.

Shot in the USA, Mexico and the Philippines, The Film features a strong supporting cast of undiscovered talent from across the globe – all chasing the same dream as Doug. Like Sean Baker’s Tangerine, the cast is a menagerie of real people portraying versions of themselves, bringing an authenticity to the film that would be impossible to fake. The result is a mind-bending musical odyssey in the tradition of Stop Making Sense and Searching for Sugar Man.


One of the more jaw-dropping debuts you’ll ever see. 
KQED Journal 

Nationwide | Online
From 4 Jun - 11 Jul

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