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Cathy Freeman’s win at the Sydney 2000 Olympics is undoubtedly one of the greatest collective experiences in Australian modern history.

Drawing on archival footage and a series of intimate conversations with Freeman, the film takes viewers through her remarkable sporting career and the frenzied build-up to September 2000. This fast-paced climb to the top of the world is mirrored by the rise of a people’s movement supporting reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians as her story becomes the symbol of a much larger struggle for equality.

Freeman shares her most intimate thoughts, revisiting her past through tableaux of projected images, and reveals what it felt like to be at the centre of such a unique and significant event.

With insights from her mother, insiders and media commentators, the film gives previously unseen glimpses into a moment of rare intensity.

The film sheds light on one of Australia’s proudest moments and explores why, 20 years on, it still means so much to so many and poses the timely question: where to now?


To watch the film is to relive a moment when we held enormous optimism for our reconciled nation and of Freeman’s reckoning with her own identity: look at me – I’m black and I’m the best. No more shame.
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From 4 Jun - 11 Jul

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