Dirty Tricks

A sport with an unfortunate reputation seemingly dominated by pensioners and cream cakes. 

Bridge is the most popular card game in history, enjoyed by millions of senior citizens all around the world. Yet, it is also a world of cutthroat competition, with elite players sponsored by billionaires who go toe to toe in ruthless high stakes tournaments, far removed from grandma’s dining room table.

The world’s best player is Israeli Lotan Fisher, who at the age of 26 became “The Michael Jordan of Bridge”. He became an unstoppable international superstar until his arch nemesis, Norwegian Boye Borgland, accused him of serial cheating.

Lotan vehemently denied the accusation, which quickly spiralled in a massive international controversy threatening to bring the entire competitive bridge world down. With millions of dollars and lucrative careers at stake, the film reveals the truth behind one of the world’s most bizarre blood feuds in an engaging narrative with characters reminiscent of popular crime thrillers.


A hilarious, true-crime comedy that sheds light on the intense world of professional Bridge.
Elsa Keslassy, Variety

Auckland | Skycity Theatre
6 Jun 2:15 pm
Wellington | The Roxy
20 Jun 2:00 pm
Nationwide | Online
From 21 Jun - 11 Jul

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