A.rtificial I.mmortality

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If you were able to create an immortal version of yourself, would you? 

Can AI provide the answer to achieving immortality? Doc Edge alumni director Shin (My Enemy, My Brother) explores the latest advancements in AI, robotics and biotech. Can we replicate the human mind – let alone the human soul?

The film features visionaries like Nick Bostrom, author of Superintelligence; Japanese roboticist, Hiroshi Ishiguro; Douglas Rushkoff, author of Team Human; Ben Goertzel, founder of Singularity.net; and Deepak Chopra, who is currently creating his own A.I. mind twin.

Some see humanity advancing toward a new age of post-biological life, a world of intelligence without bodies, immortal identity without the limitations of disease, death, and unfulfilled desire. As scientists point us toward a world where humans and machines are merged, we must ask ourselves whether AI will be the best, or the last thing we ever do?


Auckland | Skycity Theatre
4 Jun 8:15 pm
Wellington | The Roxy
18 Jun 8:15 pm
Nationwide | Online
From 19 Jun - 11 Jul

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