<b>The Pistol Shrimps</b>

The Pistol Shrimps

Director Brent Hodge
Duration 75 mins

When a group of Los Angeles comedians and actresses decided they wanted to play some intramural basketball, it was a shock to find there were no women’s leagues. And no women’s teams at all.

They looked into breaking the gender barrier and joining a men’s league, but the games felt like something was missing (besides lady parts, of course). They were boring as hell! No action. No drama. No play-by-play announcers, mascots or half-time shows.

From here, the Pistol Shrimps were born — a ragtag team of trash-talking, hard-fouling, wise-cracking women who are bringing a needed edge to the game.

Off the court, they are also making it happen. From actors, comedians, writers, models but also mothers, wives and members of the community, they are becoming the best. It’s starting to busy up their schedules… but there is always room on Tuesday nights for a game of pick-up.

Director Brent Hodge, with executive producer Morgan Spurlock, follows the Pistol Shrimps’ 2015 season, and shows us that women coming together can be ballers in sports and comedy.

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