14 May 2018


Doc Edge International Documentary Film Festival is a not-for-profit independent Oscar® qualifying festival. It is proud that in its 13 editions, it has screened films on diverse and important issues, including social impact and human rights, from all over the world.

The film Ben Gurion, Epilogue is a historical document. Its director, Yariv Mozer, is an independent award-winning filmmaker whose films have been shown worldwide. It is an international coproduction between Israel, France (Arte), Canada and Germany (NDR).

Doc Edge itself receives no funding from any foreign government representatives to pay for  screening or exhibition fees for any films.

Further, in the tradition of independent film festivals, Doc Edge believes its audiences are mature and sophisticated enough to choose what they wish to watch. It will not bow to  pressure groups who seek to censor content on the basis that a film takes a point of view with which that group disagrees.

This film has screened around the world including festivals in Santa Barbara, Toronto, Melbourne, Athens, Stockholm, Washington, Montreal, Sao Paolo, Paris, Brussels, Madrid  and the Gold Coast.  It has received critical acclaim in the New York Times, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter.

The International Documentary Association (IDA) regards Doc Edge as a highly respected festival and voice for documentary filmmakers. IDA supports Doc Edge’s right to develop a festival program as it sees fit including programming Ben Gurion, Epilogue, based on the belief that censorship and the restriction of freedom of expression lead to greater polarization around complex issues.  Read IDA supporting statement here. 

Doc Edge views the film as a serious and independent work whose content may surprise and also stimulate dialogue and debate, in the best traditions of documentary film.

Following the selection of films, academic institutions, third party non-governmental organisations as well as New Zealand based cultural agencies/diplomatic posts may offer travel support to filmmakers to visit New Zealand to engage with audiences and the documentary community. In this instance, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada and Israel posts have provided support to their national filmmakers for this purpose. This type of support, which gives audiences the chance to meet and engage with filmmakers, is invaluable.

Finally, we note that in 2016, New Zealand and Israel signed a screen coproduction treaty, and both countries have since actively pursued coproduction and industry collaborations.

Yours faithfully

Glenn Johnstone
Chair, Board of Directors
The Documentary New Zealand Trust
Organiser of the Doc Edge Festival


Doc Edge welcomes enquiries from the media.

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