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Story Edge brings together storytellers, designers, creative technologists and producers from across Aotearoa New Zealand to collaborate on transformative, immersive stories told across interactive digital platforms. Through a series of sandboxes, masterclasses and talks by leading New Zealand and international practitioners, Story Edge covers digital interactive storytelling from VR/AR/mixed reality through installations to interactive website and transmedia projects.

Sandboxes 2018


In 2018, there will be three sandboxes.  These are held at AUT through the partnership with the School of Language and Culture (Masters of English and New Media Studies).

Sandbox # 1 (17 March) Augmenting Your Story World. How can Augmented Reality be used for film and media?

Sandbox # 2 (25 August) Artificial Intelligence and Storytelling: Machines as Co-creators. AI is fast changing the storytelling landscape. It is essential that content makers understand how this may assist as well as change the way we work.

Sandbox # 3 (24 November)Wireframing and VR Workflow. Wireframing is an essential step in developing the user experience for interactive and immersive storytelling. How do newbie filmmakers prepare themselves for VR storytelling and what is a typical VR workflow?

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  • Saturday 17 March 2018  |  10am – 1pm
    AUT Tower, Corner Rutland and Wakefield Streets, 8th Floor, Room WT802
    Tickets: $15 + GST (light refreshment will be provided)

    Augmented Reality allows story-tellers to generate digital creations that appear in the real world. I’m very excited about the endless creative potential of this new technology. Sir Peter Jackson

    AR layers digitally created content on top of the physical reality we live in, often using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It enhances the world and explores creative boundaries through the use of imagination & technology.

    To inspire our creative audience to think and work with AR, we have designed this Sandbox so that you can explore AR hands-on. Learn how AR changes storytelling in terms of narrative and other elements.

    This Sandbox explores how Augmented Reality will change storytelling both in terms of narrative and the processes in storytelling.

    Sam Ramlu, M Theory’s Managing Director, will discuss the challenges and possibilities of AR alongside case studies of their AR project The Boy & The Lemon and the AR tourism app for Ngāti Whātua Orākei.

    Sam will also discuss The Wanderer, a new Virtual Reality project supported by the NZ Film Commission and shed more light on creating an engaging interactive concept.

    Sandbox #1 will also include a workshop led by InGame Managing Director Stephen Knightly. Stephen will demonstrate and facilitate the use of HP Reveal, formerly known as Aurasma, a free software programme that allows participants to explore and create a simple AR clip. Through an active workshop, participants will get the chance to understand how to create AR content first-hand.

    Sam Ramlu, Managing Director of M Theory and Method.
    Stephen Knightly, Managing Director of InGame / director of technology and innovation marketing agency Pursuit PR / chairperson of the New Zealand Game Developers Association/mentor at the Lighting Lab digital business accelerator / advisory board member of AUT University’s CoLab multidisciplinary team.

  • Saturday 25 August 2018  |  10am – 1pm
    AUT Tower, Corner of Wakefield and Queen Street, 8th Floor WT802

    Hear from leading industry practitioners:  

    Taylor Carrasco is a Lecturer in Visualization and Visual Effects at Massey University.  Forging his career in FarmVille and Mafia Wars at Zynga and with over 15 films at Weta, he moved to the educational sector writing diploma strategy for ACG Education. Currently, he works with artificial intelligence and procedural methods with practice-based methods and traditional academic analysis.

    Justin Flitter is the Founder of NewZealand.ai and Producer of AI-DAY, New Zealand’s Premier AI Event. His monthly AI Show events aim to engage the broader business community in the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence and emerging tech. He’s a passionate advocate for fueling peoples curiosity in how AI is impacting business, and society.

    Katie Hinsen is an international award-winning film & television post-production professional with credits on over 80 major productions. Much of her expertise comes from an equal interest in science, entrepreneurship, and creative industries. She has spent much of her career focused on the practical implementation of emerging technologies, and over the past five years has been researching and writing about the impact of AI on the wider screen industry.

    Q&A’s to follow.
    Regular: $15 + GST
    Students: $10 + GST
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  • Saturday 24 November
    More information on this Sandbox programme to come.