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Crossing the Line

United Kingdom | 2016 | 94 min | English | David Tryhorn

In 1984 an unknown teenager from South Central LA burst on to the global stage by winning an Olympic silver medal in the 400m hurdles. Young, bullish and ferociously talented, Danny Harris became the first man to beat Edwin Moses in a decade, ending his 122-race winning streak. A star was born.

Yet Danny’s star burned as briefly as it did brightly. Over the next two decades, Danny descended into the pit of a crack cocaine addiction — losing his career, friends, family, and even his home, before eventually winding up on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. The dramatic story of Danny Harris’s rise, fall and eventual redemption is like no other.

An exploration into the fine line between greatness and addiction, Crossing The Line features exclusive interviews with Harris, Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, among others from track and field and beyond.

A portrayal of a man, an era, and an athlete pushing his body to the limit in every sense.

  • Wellington |
    The Roxy

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  • Auckland |
    Q Theatre

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  • Spotlight Documentary Film Awards - Platinum Award