Call Me Intern

“There is nothing ‘passive’ about our angle – we set out to provoke.”
– Nathalie Berger

Call Me Intern follows interns-turned-activists who refuse to accept the idea that young people should have to work for free to kickstart their careers.

Their stories challenge stereotypes of youth, and help give a voice to the growing movement for intern rights across the world.

Young, unemployed and frustrated, filmmakers David Hyde and Nathalie Berger set out to land an internship so they can examine the system from the inside. After David accepts an internship at the United Nations, they move into a small blue tent on the Geneva lakefront and begin documenting his unpaid intern experience.

Deciding to highlight the precariousness of internships, David and Nathalie tip off local journalists about the ‘tent-intern’. The story sparks a global media storm, as the New York Times, Washington Post and BBC all pick it up.

“Meet the millennials fighting back against unpaid work.”

David and Nathalie make their point through the media, but still feel there is a lot more to say. As well as drawing attention, the media coverage helps connect David and Nathalie with other interns who contribute their experiences to the story.

Widening their scope and exploring the growing movement of other young people across the world, the filmmakers also interview academics in Brussels, London, Paris, Rome, New York, Toronto and Washington D.C.

They also meet Kyle, interning for a Fortune 500 company while living in a homeless shelter in New York City; and Marisa, an intern on a US presidential election campaign, busy fending off unwanted sexual harassment from her supervisors.

All interns face the same dilemma: to accept the system the way it is or to put their careers on the line to speak out against it.

Call Me Intern focuses on ‘millennial solidarity’, challenging the tropes of millennials as a self-serving, self-obsessed, selfie generation.

Call Me Intern won Best NZ Feature and Best NZ Editing at the Doc Edge Awards 2019.
The winner of the Best NZ Feature qualified for consideration at the 2020 Academy Awards.

Directors Nathalie Berger and Leo David Hyde presented Call Me Intern
and took part in Q&A sessions at the following screenings:

Auckland Art Gallery | Auditorium | 31 May | 12:30 PM
Auckland | Rangatira, Q Theatre | 1 June | 8:15 PM
Auckland | Rangatira, Q Theatre | 4 June | 6:00 PM
Wellington | The Roxy 1 | 18 June | 6:00 PM

Session Time

Auckland Art Gallery | Auditorium
Fri 31 May
12:30 PM
Auckland | Loft, Q Theatre
Mon 3 Jun
03:00 PM
Auckland | Rangatira, Q Theatre
Tue 4 Jun
06:00 PM
Wellington | The Roxy 2
Mon 17 Jun
02:45 PM
Wellington | The Roxy 1
Tue 18 Jun
06:00 PM
67 min
New Zealand, Switzerland, United States
Nathalie Berger, Leo David Hyde