Marc Boothe, B3 Media, UK

It's crucial that you use Documentary Edge to leverage support, locally, nationally and internationally, to strengthen your core vision, but to also build a much needed bridge between this creative…

Claudia Pond-Eyley, Filmmaker

It is a great asset to New Zealand's film making world to have the Documentary Edge Festival held annually here on these shores. May it long continue!!!!! Claudia Pond-Eyley, Filmmaker

Michael Brook, Film Auckland

The Forum has been a vital pan-industry event bringing together local and international participants to explore emerging trend and collaborative opportunities within documentary and transmedia. Michael Brook, Film Auckland

Sumner Burstyn, Cloud South Films

If we are continue to grow and thrive as a filmmaking community we need the Documentary NZ Trust to grow and thrive...and is an essential NZ organization. John Barnett, South…

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