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The annual Doc Edge Festival is supported by companies, individuals, trusts and foundations that recognise the positive impact documentary content has on society. Through their passion and generosity, partners, sponsors and supporters help bring to life the world beyond our own shores. The festival is proven to cultivate public engagement gaining a close, personal connection throughout communities, culture, in education and support the creation of strong social fabric.
  • Funding and grants, together with box office sales cover only part of the cost associated with creating and running a world class film festival.

    Doc Edge has relied on the good-will of film makers and distributors to provide films free of screening fees and commission. However international and competitive pressure for access to top films, the increasing costs of film making and lack of funding for documentary film making is forcing film makers to go with this highest bidder. We recognise that our historic position is unsustainable and want to give back!

    Secondly, it would be impossible to apply a financial value on the benefit hosting the wonderful directors, subjects or film makers during the festival, but this comes at a cost. Our guests, many who have never visited New Zealand before, share their stories with media, public, school children and students, and present at the Screen Edge Forum, industry event, providing thought leadership, innovation and inspiration to New Zealand industry and public.

    Please join Doc Edge to:

    • Continue to bring top national and international film makers to the share their films and stories live at the festival.
    • Support the work of films makers with financial contribution for use of their films at the festival and continue to bring world-class and award winning documentary films to the widest possible audiences in.

    DocEdge is more than a film festival, it is the heart of a community of several thousand followers interested in and committed to world class documentary film that captures the hearts and minds of New Zealanders.

    Thanks to your generosity Doc Edge will continue to make a positive and life-changing difference to New Zealanders through the power of documentary film.

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  • The Documentary New Zealand Trust is a not-for-profit organisation based in Auckland, new Zealand. Established in 2004, the Trust founders and directors Dan Shanan and Alex Lee committed to cultivating and promoting an active growth in documentary film making and film presentation in New Zealand, and to bring international documentary stories to New Zealand’s shores.

    In 2005, Dan and Alex launched New Zealand’s first and only, dedicated Documentary Film Festival and have worked tirelessly with the screen industry, partners and the public, at home and abroad to ensure the continuation of this requisite event. In 2015, the festival was awarded Oscar-qualifying festival status; films which win Best International Short or Best New Zealand Short at the New Zealand festival can be considered for Academy Award nominations.

    True its vision and mission, the Trust continues to expand across public audiences and industry, with the introduction and growth of programmes such as; Story Edge, Screen Edge Forum, DocPitch, Docs for Schools, DocPitch, DocEgde Gala Film awards and the every growing, annual showcase the DocEdge International Film Festival. We are delighted to report a growth in audience numbers at the festival of around 25% in the past 3 consecutive years.

    For more information about the Trust, visit